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How to Discharge a Civil Judgment After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a complicated process in which you're expected to list all of your secured and unsecured creditors. With certain exceptions, including child support and student loans, bankruptcy discharges all debts incurred before filing. Inadvertently leaving a civil judgment off the creditor list a

Women Lawyers amidst Discrimination in the Workplace

Years and years ago, women were treated as second class citizens, viewed as weak and vulnerable. They were to stay home, expected to obey their husband's commands and to take care of the chil

How to Form a City Incorporation

A community with enough resources and support from its residents could decide to incorporate into a city, or town, in order to be recognized as an entity separate from the county or other encompassing government that otherwise governs it. Incorporated cities can collect taxes from their residents, p

How to Change the Operating Agreement for a Limited Liability Corporation?

If your LLC is governed by an operating agreement, it must be amended if any changes are enacted. The operating agreement outlines the rights, privileges and responsibilities of every member of the LLC. Additionally, it dictates if the company is managed by all members unanimously or a single managi

Only A Fool Pays The Mortgage!

Fransen & Molinaro, LLP prides itself on providing responsible yet aggressive representation to individuals and small businesses. Our services address the needs of Southern California resident

Can a Sole Proprietorship Participate in Joint Ventures?

There is no law that states that individuals who are sole proprietors cannot participate in joint business ventures. However, when you do go into business with another entity, whether that entity is an individual, a partnership, limited liability company or some other entity, you have by default est

How to Find a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is not something people like to talk about. Finding the best bankruptcy lawyer can help you make the calls stop and get on with your life.

The Meaning of Stakeholders

The term "stakeholder" is one most often encountered in corporate literature, although the term can be applied to government and social activist activities as well. A stakeholder can be broadly defined as any person or organization affected by an organization's activities. However, this term is usua

Bankruptcy Litigation In Usa

It gives an overview of bankruptcy procedure in USA and how the bankruptcy procedure takes before the court and what are the documents are required to file petitions under chapter 7,11 and 13 of bankr

What Happens With Bankruptcy in New Jersey?

Bankruptcy in the United States allows a person who cannot afford to pay his debts to reorganize his payments to make them affordable (Chapter 13) or to wipe away most debt so that he has a clean slate (Chapter 7). If you live in New Jersey, whether you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and what

How to Convert an S Corporation to a Limited Liability Company in Delaware

To start the process of converting an S Corporation to an Limited Liability Company (LLC), you must file a certificate of conversion. Then you will need to file a certificate of formation. These forms tell the state of Delaware you are changing your corporate structure and you are reforming under th

Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help Failing Businesses

Many businesses have been put into a tough situation because of the problems in the current economy. Smaller service oriented companies have had less call for work and an increase in non-paying customers. Please read on to learn about bankruptcy attorneys.

What Are the Benefits of Using an LLC for Real Estate Investing?

A Limited Liability Company, or LLC, can protect you from liability that comes from investing in real estate.real estate image by Andrei Merkulov from Fotolia.comIn the context of real estate, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a way to define investment property as an entity separate...

Services Offered by a Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you in need of a good bankruptcy attorney in Linden? If you are, then you don't have to worry too much as Linden offers a number of great options.

Attacking Bankruptcy Myths with the Facts

Bankruptcy can definitely be a sensitive subject. With the current world-economic situation, more and more people have begun to look at bankruptcy as an answer to their financial woes. There is, thoug

Business Bankruptcy Attorneys in Companies

Some people say that the only time a corporation should look for a business bankruptcy attorney is when it intends to file for bankruptcy protection in the courts. This is a shortsighted view of the role of a business bankruptcy attorney. It is not good to have a bankruptcy attorney only when the bu

Information on Nondisclosure Agreements

Individuals and companies use nondisclosure agreements for a wide variety of reason. The purpose of the contract is to protect the value of an asset, intellectual property or other company "trade secret." Many companies have key employees, former business partners and others others privy to their or