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Cover Letters for creating the first impression!

A cover letter is the preliminary introduction, as it initiates what you want to sell and is testimony to your communication abilities. A resume should always be supplemented by a cover letter. A good cover ...

Earn Extra Money This Summer With These Jobs!

For those of you who want to earn some extra money during the summer, there are jobs available that fit the season which may be worth applying. Most of these jobs are seasonal and if you are not too particular to the work, it may augment your summer with extra cash.

Casino General Manager Job Description

Some careers require a certain level of education, while others are big on working your way up the ranks. The casino general manager position is mostly about the latter. The casino hierarchy usually starts at dealer, and ascends to floor supervisor, pit administrative boss, assistant shift manager,

Steps To Make Your Own Online Store

http://www.startanonlinestore.com.Helpful tips for starting an online store and making it successful.Free report teaching the top ten things to know when starting an ecommerce store.

Private Equity College & Training Institutes

In this article I give a overview of some of the top Private Equity College & Training Institutes. From colleges to training programs, this article explores the different opportunities out there.

Does Your Business Need a Consultant?

There are times when you would need some additional help to perform some important work. Loads of organizations hire consultants at times, but often they end up spending money on consultants even if they never ...

How to Write an Employment or Human Resources Business Proposal

Learn the basics of an employment, staffing or human resources proposal. Anyone can slap a price quote together but that isn't often a winning strategy. You need to show your potential client or employer that you can be trusted to deliver on the services they need. This article will show you ju

Tips On Writing Job Applications

A job application represents your first and possibly only opportunity to impress an employer into wanting to hire you. An application can make or break your chances of success with landing a job, so in this article, we'll let you in on some tips that can help make your job application stick out

Have Your Own Identification with a Suitable Job

Trustworthy job providing companies facilitate interested job seekers from all over the world by providing them a suitable job. You can also get a desired job easily on the web by selecting an online

Don't Just Work for Money-Let Money Work for You!

Many ask what's the best way of making money. I think it's leveraging money and skills. Teach yourself by learning how small amounts of money and energy can make you much more. Spend the time training yourself to think differently from the masses.

Women As EMTs and Paramedics

The recent economic downturn and increased unemployment has forced many people to look 'out of the box' for employment, especially for women. The typical standby restaurant and retail jobs, as well as others, have greatly diminished and affected workers have begun to assess where the next

How to Get a License to Sell Sorority and Fraternity Products

Selling products with sorority and fraternity logos is a way to make money as a full-time business or for extra cash, but you must follow the right procedures. It is against the law to use the trademarks of organizations without proper permission. The Greek system uses Affinity Marketing Consultant

How to Capture Weld Slag in a Pipe

Welding is a way of joining two pipes together, forming a long-lasting bond. However, welding results in the creation of slag, an unsightly welding by-product that does nothing to contribute to the strength of the bond. Working with a high-quality, flux-cored wire ensures that slag will fall off the

Office Romance: Pitfalls, Problems and Warnings

Office romances can spark easily because of the proximity, frequency and availability of like-minded people. You have many things in common with your co-workers; and when you add the sexual attraction that comes with it - POW!

Have you ever thought of a job in video gaming?

As one of Vault.com's Top Best 25 Internships for 2014, Electronic Arts offers software engineering internships and co-ops for college students in various cities and abroad.

How to Become a Freelance Photographer

Anybody with a love of photography can tap into the market thanks to today's better and cheaper cameras. Since freelancing can be started as a side job, this may be the perfect choice for somebody who wants to earn additional income without quitting his job.

Building The Smarter Relationship With Sales & Distribution

Software industry is booming every day with all the innovations that transpire due to the specialized professionals who are appointed keeping in mind their capabilities to transform the industry from best to better. Career in ...

Workplace Conflict: Survey Says? We Could Be Doing Better

Almost 80 percent of workers in Quebec indicated that they have often or occasionally witnessed workplace conflict in the last year. This according to a survey published today by Ordre des conseillers en resources humaines agrees; a Quebec based Human Resource Professional Association.