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Is it OK to Close a Credit Card Account?

With hard economic times and soaring debt, you may find yourself asking if it would be wise to close or cancel a credit card account in the attempt to prevent further debt or even improve your credit score. Closing a credit card account can prove either very wise or a significant hit to your credit

Student Credit Cards - Just the Basics

Full-time students will rarely have the time to apply for a credit card let alone build credit outside of class and, in many cases, a full to part-time job. Student credit cards are available to 18 and older students who want to establish credit in their own name at little risk. But what exactly is

Airline Miles Credit Cards and Great Rates

When you travel it is often a problem to know which airline that will give you the best rate on your ticket. Many people who travel often normally use a credit card that offers airline mileage as an insensitive. This insensitive is given to you so that you will be inclined to use the same airline ev

Bad Credit Equity Line or Home Loan?

When it comes to cashing out equity to repair bad credit, which is better, a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or a home equity loan?

How to Fix Your Credit After Facing Financial Trouble

Sometimes falling into a financial rut can be unavoidable. Going through something like that does not exactly make you want to go about dealing with your credit and all the problems it brings, however at a time like this, fixing your credit can prove to be very important, if not essential. Fixing yo

How to Authorize Someone to Use My Store Credit Card

Adding an authorized user to your credit account, giving him the ability to use your store card, requires only a phone call. However, the account holder should carefully evaluate the potential authorized user. When an authorized user is added, she can charge to the account but does not have a legal

Do Not Blame It on Credit Card Applications

The effects that technology has in the society have been too influential that most people cannot help but go with the flow of events. For this reason, more and more people have continuously patronized the technology that the credit card industry had brought.

Protection against Identity Theft and Fraudulent Practices

The more electronically accessible credit card accounts become, the greater numbers of people are vulnerable to fraud and theft, as well. Nobody wants to become a victim of any cyber criminal out there. Therefore, card ...

Two Important User Tips For First Time Credit Card Holders

A young man wrote in recently saying that he had just received his very first credit card. Several of his friends had told him that the fastest way to build his credit history was to purchase something so that he had a balance on the card and then make monthly payments on time. Thankfully, he was wr

Using a Credit Card for Cash Advances When Away From Home

"Using a Credit Card for Cash Advances When Away From Home" is about trying to apply for a cash advance when on the road beyond what the banks determine is your "local area". Because I didn't notify the bank before I left town as to where I was going and when, I was denied a

Being Well Informed on Credit Repair

Credit is a necessary and important part of our daily lives. Imagine, the average American has about five credit cards in his wallet. This statistic may hold true in other countries as well. Although it ...

Ways to Raise Credit Scores Fast

The ones with good to great credit scores do different things and they do things differently. Learn what steps you need to take to increase your credit scores fast!

The Advantages of Low Interest Rates

Finding the lowest interest rate for a loan is a crucial step for financial well-being. Even a small reduction in an interest rate can result in a difference of hundreds of dollars per month and thousands over the life of a loan; therefore, the borrower should search for the right rate when finding

How Do the New Federal Credit Laws Affect Me?

The new Credit Card laws take effect February 22, 2010. The changes are numerous, and will affect nearly everyone who maintains credit card accounts. Those consumers who often "float" their credit card, i.e. customarily make a monthly payment of less than the full amount owed, will be part

What Is the Easiest Credit Card to Get If You Have Little or No Credit?

Being a young college student or someone who hasn't had an opportunity to build credit can make it difficult to be approved for a credit card. Sometimes it feels like a no-win situation when you need credit to get a credit card, but no institution is willing to give you a chance. However, there are

Comparison of Identity Theft Protection & Credit Protection

Identity theft is the largest consumer complaint in the United States. According to the Federal Trade Commission, in 2007, 32 percent of consumers filed a complaint involving identity theft. Protecting your identity and credit scores involves knowing where your money is going and where you have used