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China and India Increase CO2 By Almost 25%

Many are not aware of the increases from China and India in their contribution to the CO2 and pollution. In the decade between 1992 to 2002 their greenhouse gas emissions were up by 15% alone. But sense 2002 they are up another 10% and many criminologists are concerned.

Order A Check Up: Deflation And Its Overtone To Your Wealth

Checking into the economic situation for a barometer as to inflationary vs. deflationary is a short term mindset that may prove valuable. Consumers are often confused about the times they are living in and make poor economic choices.

Get Rich Quick! I Don't Think So

Imagine what it would be like to insulate yourself from the effects of the recession.Finally there is a way to survive and profit without spending a fortune.

' tis The Season

The holidays bring out the best in us and the worst in us.They bring out a generosity of spirit and also show us the deep divide between the haves and the have-nots.

The Four Economic Benefits of Inflation

In economic terms, inflation is labeled as a major disadvantage to any economy, one reason in the old economy, Governments focused on economic policies that encouraged the control of Inflation. Now the old economy has collapsed, if we have higher inflation, what are the advantages?

Ways to Improve Superstores: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Walmart has been the focus of protests in the news lately. Consumers and workers often feel torn between loving and hating giant superstores, between shopping at them for the prices and protesting their business practices. The negative impacts of massive retailers range from poor treatment of employ

Who Says There Are No Jobs?

Despite record levels of unemployment, we all know, of course, that our president is on the case. He's the Jobs President... if you don't believe it, just ask him, or any of his sycophantic Demediacrats! But only those who are sufficient Biblical scholars to have heard of Job (with a capit

The Growing Need For Food Assistance in America

Many people make the misconstrued assumption that the only people who need food assistance are the homeless or unemployed.What people do not realize is that there is an increasing amount of children, seniors, and the "working poor" who are having to turn to food pantries and charities for

Two Groups Hurt Most by Faltering Economy - Elderly and Retirees

Homeowners who got caught up in the real estate boom over the past decade and a half have, for the most part, begun to realize that putting all of their eggs in one basket has put their entire financial situation in peril. From facing foreclosure right now and having a scarred credit report to owing

Dealing With Fake Currency

Reported by some, there might be as much as 40 million fake UK pound coins in circulation, meaning that out of 36 coins, one is on average fake. People may believe that it is easy to spot a fake, but it is not always the case. Hence so many of the fake coins, and also notes, are in wide spread use.

Second Commentary on Philosophy of the Economy

Monetary and Fiscal Policies; Main differences of the Marketizm's Monetary and Fiscal Policies and the current ones from a Macroeconomic prospective are the ways the Monetary and Fiscal balances are achieved: when the currently used balances are based on a cash method: Income to Expenses; the n

Failed Fiat Currencies In American History

America has had a history of fiat currencies dating back as far as the American Revolution. Even before America's colonists won their independence from the British. It was in 1775 that the Continental Congress attempted creating its first fiat currency, the Continental.

Father's Day Present - Freedom From Fear and Attachments

Finding the perfect gift for Dad is difficult any year, but for Father's Day 2009, the challenge is particularly daunting. We may be strapped for cash ourselves, and many of our father's have lost their jobs. Others have seen their retirement nest egg crack, and are struggling with fears o

SEC Financial Fraud Enforcement - Is it Effective?

Financial fraud is a type of white collar crime, which involves the unlawful use of property to one's own benefit. The Securities and Exchange Commission, an independent agency of the United States government, is chartered with the job of preventing financial fraud - particularly with regard to

Banks More Important to the Economy Than People, According to Fed's Actions

For over half a year now, the Fed has been actively bailing out some of the largest corporations and especially the banks. Despite lowering interest rates, providing essentially free money to the banking system, and devaluing the dollar, little confidence has been restored to the markets. In fact, i