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Two Different Ways to Convert Your WordPress Into a Membership Site

Basically, there are two different ways to do it. WordPress comes with its own members database, allowing visitors to register to WordPress. And with that feature, you have the option of either managing members using the WordPress database or using external database.

What Can CMS Do?

With CMS, there's a lot you can do than with just ordinary blogging software or site you have custome made by some developers. A WCMS is composed of dynamic collection of materials for the Web; like HTML documents, videos, images, texts, flash animations and other types of media. CMS lets you c

Joomla - The Back Bone of Secure Content

In this time - pressed era, everyone would like to climb the corporate ladder as fast as he can. Especially when it is corporate, you need to safe guard Database and content with all the necessary measures.

The Drawbacks of Joomla

If you've had experienced creating a website or is planning to create one, then chances are high that you have utilized or heard of a content management system before. And when it comes to a content management system, one of the most popular and also widely used is Joomla. What makes Joomla so

Adorable Alfresco to Accelerate Business

Alfresco is open source alternative meant for especially content management in the business. Alfresco, being innovative as well as stable produces highest quality software at the lowest price.

Beware! Hackers Might Be Eyeing Your Joomla Site!

Joomla websites are known for their high-end security and reliability, but even the most secure systems are vulnerable to hack attacks. Hackers are always on a lookout for websites with security fallouts and loopholes.

4 Reasons Why You Should Pick WordPress for a Company Website

Recently, people are using WordPress as the platform for their website design and development. Many individuals think that by using this platform they can build websites rapidly since it's a user-friendly open source CMS that is very ideal for their online business. They also claim that its&apo

Understanding Content Management Systems

One of the first considerations in creating a web design is whether a content management system, or CMS, makes sense.There are some situations when a CMS is clearly the best choice, while it may be an unnecessary collection of bells and whistles at other times.

Simplify Online Promotion With Content Management Services

To ensure informative and fully updated content, a SEO company is one of the best content management ways that makes sure your website gets the benefit of information rich content that result high on ranking. It is a fact that popular search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo to name a few.

To WordPress or Not To WordPress

Some people find using WordPress when creating client sites almost like "cheating". Is it really so, or is it resourceful?

Viral Traffic

Viral marketing is a type of marketing strategy that can produce allot of traffic, in a short period of time. It's been proven by Internet Marketing specialists that Viral Marketing techniques generate more traffic than any known SEO techniques.

Life With Opensource

Perhaps the cheapest way to launch a business on the internet is to use open source CMS software: the software itself is free and you can use low-cost hosting, providing the package offers access to a data base. But as Lee Iacocca said 'there's no such thing as a free lunch'.

Premium WordPress Themes Boost Your Traffic and Sales

There are many online sites and individual web developers proffering high quality WordPress themes either for free or affordable rates. You can obtain other applications such as premium WordPress plugins, ecommerce templates etc from online sites.

So What Is a Content Management System?

The goal of a CMS is to provide an easy way to create and publish content to the web. Your small business or corporate entity can streamline its business process using a CMS and save a lot of money - if you understand what a good content management system (CMS) is and how it can help your business.

How to Choose the Right Joomla Facebook Extension

Adding Facebook capabilities to your Joomla website is a great way to socialize your website, connect with your users and promote your content all at the same time. At first glance many Joomla Facebook extensions seem to have the same features, but it really comes down to which one will give you the

What Is a CMS and What Benefits Does It Bring?

CMSs are not for the tech-savvy, and can successfully take one's concern away from the technical means allowing focusing on designing what the viewers see like the front end. Besides, it can help get rid of some great expenses and achieve better connectivity inside the web communities.

Joomla Advantages As a CMS

One of the very attractive features or advantages of Joomla lies in the fact that it supports the creation of extremely search engine friendly websites that has HTML layout for easy reading by crawlers with no nestled tables, or query strings in URLs. Joomla installation and running is quite easy bu

Joomla and SEO - Search Engine Friendly URLs

Having friendly URLs is important for search engines, but also human visitors can benefit from clearly named web addresses. Joomla CMS provides a built-in function to create search friendly URLs. However, there are also many powerful extensions that offer much more that just friendly web addresses.