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Subwoofers -- A Primer

So far, you must have looked at some of the basics with regards to choosing and installing your new car stereo. Now, you need to examine some of the more complex pieces that complete the car stereo experience. Basically, people add subwoofers, amplifiers and crossovers when they are trying to tailor

Get The Right Car Audio System

One of the best additions anyone can install in their car is a very effective and high quality car stereo system. We all know how monotonous it can get when we are driving all alone. In fact, there is no better way to spruce up a long lonely road trip than to turn on your stereo.

Upgrading Your Car Audio System

When it comes to upgrading your in car entertainment system, the choice can often be quite difficult. Car audio has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years with even low end of the market car stereo systems offering capabilities that would have normally been found in top of the range models prev

Gas Tips

Price of gas is almost at $4.00 a gallon.Lucky for me I do not have a gas guzzler, but I still feel the pain. Well there are definitely a ton of things you can do to save gas but I am not here to give you common sense advice visit here for that stuff.

The Top 10 Satellite Navigation Systems

Replace your atlas with an easily-used navigation device.Map image by Stephen VanHorn from Fotolia.comSatellite navigation systems have become popular enough that more and more manufacturers are jumping into the market. Along with generally lower prices the increased competition also...

Kwik Kar Auto ShopGreat Combination Of Excellence And Competence

Looking for excellent automobile deals is not difficult as there are several auto shops which provides budgeted services. Kwik Kar is one such place where you will come across great deals and that too suiting your budget. It is located in Fort Worth and is a reputed shop offering plenty of services

Crude Oil Extraction Techniques

It takes millions of years for crude oil, a mixture of hydrocarbon carbons and sulfur, to form. The first attempts at extracting this "black gold" occurred during the late 1800s, but the techniques used to find oil were little more than random guessing and intuition on the part of prospectors, altho

Car Audio - Dispelling Gloom From Long Journeys

One of the most important elements of a car is audio. The importance of this most important gadget can simply not be ruled out. Its value can be understood from the fact that if it is not inserted in the car then there would be very few takers of it.

How to Obtain a Change of Ownership Form for a Car

Vehicle ownership is tracked for safety and tax purposes by each state's Department of Motor Vehicles. The change of ownership form (sometimes referred to as the "title transfer application" or "transfer of ownership application" ) is the clerical mechanism that documents your financial responsibili

How to Program an F350 Keyless Remote

If you are looking for a large-bodied truck with some serious muscle power, look no further than the Ford F-350 Super Duty. The F-350 debuted in 1999, and Ford has kept adding features over the last decade. Some F-350s come equipped with a remote entry system controlled by a key fob. This wireless r

How to Install Alpine Subwoofers

Alpine is one of the car audio industry's oldest and most readily-recognized names. Alpine is best known for in-dash stereos, but also makes speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. Installing these subwoofers is achieved in a manner similar to all car audio subs, using proper wiring techniques to achie

How to Take a Radio Out of a 1999 Ford Explorer

The radio in your 1999 Ford Explorer uses an hidden and self locking mounting mechanism to deter theft. This system requires a special tool and procedure for removing the radio from the dash without damage to the dash or radio. The tools for this project are inexpensive and available at most auto pa

Troubleshooting a Car Audio Sub Amp

A car amp and even the entire audio system are put under some unusual stresses. The car can go through extreme temperature changes, and it distributes all the bumps and turns of the road straight to the audio components. Given this harsh environment, it is common to have some problems with your car'

How to Disarm an Alarm System in a 1998 Subaru Forester

The alarm system on your 1998 Subaru Forester is important for warding off potential thieves. If, for some reason, you wish to disable the Forester's alarm system, you can do so through one of two ways: either by using the Subaru's remote control or by removing the fuse from the Subaru's fuse box. K

How To Superior A Swell Camera For Sports Photography

With purposes and impressive pin-sharp pictures, the Flip Ultra Video Camera also comes with larger memory storage. In addition, it's two independent Micro SD Card ports, a 32GB gigabyte card will be taken by each which will.Also visit my homepage: coupon codes; Click On this website,

How to Install a Basic Car Stereo

Installing a car stereo can range from a simple task to a much more involved process, depending on the vehicle's make and model. Some vehicles require the removal of dashboard paneling to access the stereo mounting dock while others employ a system that involves little manipulation of the panels sur

How to Program 2007 Nissan Sentra Keyless Entry

You can program a keyless-entry remote for a 2007 Nissan Sentra as long as your vehicle uses the standard Nissan remote. The standard remote is separated from the key. The upgraded remote is integrated with the Nissan key. This is also known as a smart key. If your Sentra has a smart key, you cannot

How to Install a Car Stereo Crossover

Car stereo crossovers are essential components for a complete car audio system. The crossovers direct the signal frequency to the appropriate speakers. Without a crossover, you may have to raise the volume of the stereo to hear the certain sonic ranges that accentuate different audio content. Instal

How to Use the Xanavi's Navigation System

Xanavi is the producer for the Nissan DVD navigation system. This lets you reach your chosen destination with turn-by-turn directions and downloaded maps. To start using your navigation system, you must order and upgrade to the latest DVD. You are then required to upgrade your navigation system ever