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What All to Consider While Making a Used Car Purchase?

During the critical times of economic downturns and turmoil, it is perceived that purchasing power declines globally. Due to the hike in food, fuel prices and unavailability of credit, people trim down the expenses of ...

Audi A6 Quattro Recalls

Automobile manufacturers recall specific vehicles in response to reports of mechanical or other automotive problems. If you have a car subject to a recall, have it repaired according to the manufacturer's direction, either at a dealership or reputable mechanic. Audi began manufacturing...

Car Purchase & Sale Agreement

A car purchase and sale agreement is a legal document between the seller of a car and the buyer. This contract gives details regarding the vehicle for sale and authorizes the change in ownership.

How to Find a Previously Owned Car

Finding a used car can be a time-consuming and stressful process, but armed with the right knowledge, you can ensure you ask all the right questions so you come out with a safe and reliable vehicle for a fair price. Craigslist is a popular site to check for used cars for sale in your area, as are ne

How to Figure Missouri Sales Tax on a Car

Some states have complicated auto-sales tax plans. Missouri, however, is not one of them. When you register a vehicle in Missouri, you pay a onetime sales tax that is based on the selling price of the vehicle, minus any applicable deductions. The value is not considered, and there is no additional a

Information Matters When Buying Used Cars For Sale By Private Owner

Buying used cars for sale by owner is not the same as buying a new car. When you buy a new car, it comes with the warranty of a manufacturer which is an established brand and promises to sell you stuff that they are responsible for. But when you buy Used cars for sale by private owner, there is no s

How to Care for the Finish on My 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee sports utility vehicles, just like any vehicle, need maintenance, including oil changes, tire rotations and tune-ups. Protecting and caring for the finish of your vehicle is also important, according to Road and Travel Magazine. Ensuring that your 1999 Jeep Cherokee maintains an

How To Import Used Cars: Its Procedures And Benefits

Are you one of those who need a new car but don't have enough budget for one? Why not try to import used cars from countries known for providing excellent service in such industry. A lot of people across the globe have already benefited from buying second hand automobiles abroad these days. Wit

Tiffin Phaeton Specs

Tiffin Motorhomes is a family owned business in Red Bay, Alabama. As of 2010, the company offered six vehicle designs, all built at the Red Bay plant. Phaeton is Tiffin's best selling motor home. The Phaeton comes in four floor plans and three chassis options. Customers can choose a long...

The Best Ways to Sell a Car

If you have a car to sell, you can sell it yourself through an auto dealer or an auto auction. To get the best results, don't just come up with a price. Figure out why your car will appeal to a potential buyer and know where to find that buyer.

How to Buy a Car With a Bad Credit Rating

Many people do not realize that they can purchase a vehicle even though they have a bad credit rating. Most people think that they will either not be able to obtain financing or that they will be saddled with a very high interest rate. While it is possible to obtain a car loan with a bad credit rati

Strontium History and Uses

Strontium is classified as an alkaline earth metal. It is denoted "Sr" on the periodic table and possesses a silvery color. It readily reacts on oxidation, and is liable to react spontaneously with air when finely divided. Strontium has wide application in industry, being used in everything from the

How to Sell a Car to a Junkyard

If you have an old car that you never intend to fix up, you may wish to sell the car to a junkyard. In addition to removing the car from your property, you will make a little bit of money.

Car Shopping Made Simple

According to a 2008 Gallup poll, car dealers are some of the most-disliked professionals in the United States. The survey is based on consumer interaction and satisfaction of different professionals in a wide range of fields. Car dealers were liked less than telemarketers were, if that tells you any

How to Fit a Car Amp

A car amp is designed to boost the wattage of the stereo to power more advanced speaker systems. Amps come in many different shapes, sizes, all having varying ohm ratings and wattage. All of these variables are dependent on the speaker system you select and the size of the area in your car where you

Repossessed Car Auctions - How To Get The Most Out Of Them

If you're looking to userepossessed car auctions to find a bargain on your next vehicle purchase, then this article will be of interest to you.Specifically in this article I will give you a brief overview about how cars become repossessed and are offered for literally pennies on the dollar.Also

Kia Motors Overview

Kia is a very popular car model here in the United States. Kia Motors, located in South Korea, sold more than 1.6 million cars in 2009. These cars have become even more interesting over the last few years with a new CEO who totally revamped the designs of the Kia Motors vehicles. Peter Schreyer was

Factors to Consider When Buying a Car

Buying a car may sound like an ordinary affair for most but the truth is that it often gets too complicated especially with so many brands and models to choose from. Many people know the obvious factors to consider when buying a car that include having some money at hand and being able to pick on a