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Child Custody Laws for North Carolina

North Carolina county courthousecourthouse image by pearlguy from Fotolia.comNorth Carolina is a rare state where issues of child custody are most often decided by consent between the parties. Custody arrangements do not have to be submitted to or signed off on by a judge to be enacted...

Child Support Help for Fathers: Guide to Hiring a Lawyer

As almost half of marriages end up in divorce or separation and as almost a quarter of the kids' population are born to unwed parents in the United States, child support issues are quite rampant in the country. Since in most cases custody is given to the mothers, the fathers would be the one re

Every Weekend Custody Schedules

Every weekend custody schedules are very flexible and can be adjusted to a 50/50 or 60/40 visitation. I will be talking about what the every weekend schedule is and how you can change it to fit your situation. Also learn about some of the pros and cons of using this schedule.

Legal Rights of Women with Children Getting Divorced

Divorce can be devastating for any person, but it can sometimes be especially hard for women who get left with the children. Trying to provide some semblance of a normal life for your kids when your own world is falling apart can seem like an impossible challenge. Fortunately, divorce is an area whe

Do I Need to File for Custody If I Am an Unwed Mother Living in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, there is a presumption of custody rights for the unwed mother. However, the matter can be challenged by the unwed father and the court may step in if there are other issues concerning the health and welfare of the child. At the point of challenge, a series of state laws are followed

Family Violence & Child Custody Laws

children image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comMany states have laws that require require a court to consider family violence issues in custody hearings. Domestic violence issues are also frequently considered in cases where one parent leaves the home or takes a child away without...

Child Custody Forms - Where to Find and File a Child Custody Form

Child custody forms can vary from state to state and the process and procedure for completing and filing a child custody form can also vary depending on the county and courthouse that has jurisdiction of your case. It is important for parents to locate the right child custody form for their matter,

El Salvador Child Labor Laws

Child labor has been an ongoing problem for El Salvador's government, law enforcement and citizens.ni?¡Ào nepal?- image by Diorgi from Fotolia.comEl Salvador has faced an ongoing problem with the use of children for labor and prostitution. In El Salvador, most children who work do so in...

Filing For Child Custody

Child custody, in terms of legal proceedings, includes both emotional and sensitive issues that deal with child abuse, guardianship, parental rights termination, divorce of the spouses, adoption policies, etc. The most common reason for child custody issues is divorce of the parents. In many cases,

Child Protection Laws in America

The United States has a number of child protection laws to ensure the safety of children. These range from family law designed to protect children from abuse within the home to child labor laws that shield children from dangerous and exploitative employment. Child labor laws are of...

Fathers Rights in Ireland - Custody and Guardianship

Many 'unmarried parents' are unaware that the father has no automatic legal rights to their own children, and therefore has no say in their upbringing regardless of how long they have reared them. They cannot see them whenever they want. They have no influence in any major decision in thei

Divorce Cases: Protecting Your Children From the Litigation

Divorce cases involving issues of child custody and visitation can often negatively affect the very children who the parties are Court are supposed to protect. This article outlines the risks to children associated with divorce cases and provides guidelines for protecting the children.

Child Labor Laws in State of Connecticut

Connecticut's General Statutes detail child labor rules.ni?¡Ào nepal?- image by Diorgi from Fotolia.comIn Connecticut, laws governing child labor are laid out in the Connecticut general statutes. From wage to hours of employment and even prohibited industries, Connecticut law does its...

Parental Child Abduction Laws

Parental child abduction is one of the most common types of abduction in the United States today.way for parent with child - sign on pavement image by endostock from Fotolia.comParental child abduction is one of the most common types of child abduction, and occurs most frequently during...

How to Obtain Custody of a Child in Philadelphia

There are different types of child custody in Pennsylvania. Physical custody refers to having physical possession of the child, whereas legal custody refers to being in control of making major decisions for the child, including medical, educational and religious decisions. There are also different l

How Do Criminal Records Affect Child Custody Case Decisions?

When a judge makes a child custody determination, he weighs a variety of factors pertaining to the case. The court will always hold the best interests of the child paramount to any other consideration. A criminal record of one of the parents or petitioners for custody may impede his ability to gain

Divorcing a Blamer: Why Nothing Is There Fault

Know someone that is never to blame? It's always someone else's fault or problem? Sound familiar? They are Persuasive Blamers. When you face off against a Blamer in a Custody Battle, your hands will be full. Most High Conflict Personalities (Narcissists, Borderline, Histrionic, Antisocial,