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Share Files With Extreme Privacy

Do you want privacy and security of your most important documents? If your answer is going to be in Ye then you are surely at the right place as we as a company are ready to serve you in a much better

NoSQL – Why You Need It

The acronym NoSQL was made popular in 1998. While many people thought that the term was putting down the standard SQL server, it was actually a technological update to the standard SQL server. Essenti

The TargetView system

During the years 1998 and 2000, I was involved in a unique venture which aimed to establish in Israel a new bureau for risk assessment and credit scoring. This venture was known as Target Scoring.

Maximizing the Considerable Benefits of A Datacenter

The key reason why the use of datacenter has turned out to be a need in every single business is that it is competent enough to manage of the workflow, records, along with applications including the o

What is a data centre?

It is often said that a company or business without a data centre is like trying to live without breathing; you won't survive very long.