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How to Stop the iTunes Pop-Up in Compatibility Mode

Apple's iTunes application for Windows is designed to work properly on current versions of Windows. Windows includes a compatibility mode for running old software, but this mode can interfere with newer programs such as iTunes if it's enabled. If compatibility mode is enabled for iTunes, it will pop

How to Add Grills to Existing Andersen Windows

Grilles add charm and character to a window, creating the look of individual panes, or mullions, for a single glass section. They typically install directly against the window glass, and are available in a range of colors and styles, including Colonial, traditional and rustic. Installing one is a re

How to Download Linux & Boot It From a CD

Linux is a free, open-source computer operating system with over 600 distributions as of 2010. Ubuntu is the most popular and user-friendly version of Linux, with a free, upgraded release every six months. Ubuntu has desktop access to Linux software repositories, offering hundreds of applications in

How to Change Profiles for a Docking Station

As a laptop owner, one of the most useful accessories you can buy is a docking station. It allows you to connect the peripherals you need to use, from an external mouse and keyboard to a large monitor and printer. When you return from the road, you can simply slide your laptop into the docking stati

How to Uninstall a Sound Driver

Every single piece of hardware on your computer requires a driver. Although some drivers simply supply Windows with the hardware's name and purpose, others are more complex and provide Windows with advanced information on how to best use the hardware. The driver for your sound card is no different.

How to Fix the Time Zone in XP

Traveling with a computer across time zones is easy enough, but unlike most cell phones, the computer will not automatically update the time zone. If your account on Windows XP has administrator privileges, just a few clicks of the mouse can put the computer in the correct time zone. Once the comput

How to Disable Windows Vista Pre-Installed Virus Protection Software

The Windows Vista operating system has integrated anti-virus software. The Windows Security Center has an anti-virus and firewall bundled with the operating system. If you have your own anti-virus application, you can disable the Windows anti-virus software in your Vista Control Panel. This helps av

How to Disable Wallpaper in the Registry

If your computer's wallpaper keeps getting changed by other users, you can disable that function to restrict the editing capabilities of others. To disable the wallpaper in the registry, you need to configure the settings of a specific key item. Proceed with caution every time you make changes to th

How to Restore Vista System Files

Windows Vista depends on a number of system files for proper operation. If any are missing or damaged, then your computer may behaves in an unpredictably or fail to boot. Windows Vista system has a utility that scans the operating system files and if necessary obtains clean copies from the installat

How to Update a Windows XP Product Code

If you receive a notice from Microsoft that your copy of Windows XP is not genuine, you may need to go into your system and update your product key code. You could have a pirated copy of Windows XP on your computer system, even if you purchased the computer from a store, and Microsoft's Genuine Adva

Windows XP Black Taskbar Troubleshooting

If the taskbar at the bottom of your PC computer screen is black, then there may be a problem with the Windows XP operating system or a display theme may have been set up on your computer without your knowledge. There are several control panel settings that could be causing your taskbar to display i

How to Upgrade From an Access Database to MSDE Citrix 4.0

Citrix is a company that develops application and system virtualization software for use on local and private networks and over the Internet. Presentation Server 4.0, which is being branded as Xenapp, is one of the company's application delivery products; the latest version of Xenapp is 6.0 (as of J

How to Create a User With No Login in Ubuntu

The "Nologin" is a type of shell that can be assigned to a user's Linux account. Typically, when a Linux user logs in the system supplies him with his default shell, such as "Bash" or "Ksh." When "Nologin" is specified, the shell immediately rejects the logon and boots the user from the system. You

How to Reset a User Account Password on Windows Vista

Windows Vista allows users to set a password to prevent unauthorized users from accessing their account, but if the password is lost or the account security is compromised, another user with administrative privileges can reset the password to a new value. Only the Business and Ultimate editions of W

How to Open the Task Manager Command Line

The Task Manager on your Windows computer gives you access to the processes that are running on your computer, along with information about the CPU, RAM and network usage of the machine. You can gain access to this program through the regular menus on your computer, through a key combination or thro

How to Tell What Programs Are Using a Connection in Windows Vista

Windows Vista includes a Reliability and Performance Monitor application. This tool monitors your computer and displays information about the current resource usage, including the usage of your CPU, disk and memory along with the network. You can view more detailed information about the programs and

How to Close Running Programs to Run ScanDisk

ScanDisk is a tool used by the Windows operating system to scan and repair bad clusters, sectors files on the computer hard drive. When running ScanDisk, it is a good idea to close down any unnecessary programs running on your computer. This helps to free up memory for the scan and ensure that no d

About Registry Fixing

The computer registry is used extensively because the settings of programs, applications and system components are stored there where they can be manipulated when necessary. Because it is the central control unit for a PC with a Windows operating system, it is vulnerable to attacks and should be mai