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Get Your Ex Back by Playing the Jealousy Card

If your ex was always the jealous type, you can actually use that to your advantage when you try to get your ex back.Although jealousy isn't exactly a positive characteristic for a person to have, you obviously love them nonetheless.Here's how you can use that to your advantage and get you

How to Recognize Dating Violence

Everyone wants their dating life to be as pleasant as possible, but sometimes things take a turn for the worse. What started out as a promising romantic endeavor may become something darker and more sinister. You may have suspected that something was wrong for a while now, but couldn't put your fing

The Best Way to Deal With Guilt

Many of us have occasion to feel guilty at sometime in our lives. But are there ways that we can use it in a more positive way? Let's have a look at the best way to deal with guilt.

How to Catch a Cheating Woman Without Getting Caught

Women are much better than men at hiding cheating. It is a simple fact that guys get careless and don't think far ahead enough to avoid getting caught. However, this does not mean that women do not slip up as well. There are little things you can check into to see if your woman is leaving trails

What to Do When Your Girlfriend Walks Out Despite Your Inordinate Love

Your life has come to a standstill. Everything ahead is a misty haze and ever since your true love abandoned you, you are in a state of disorientation. Hey, what's wrong with you? It's not the end of world. Get a grip on yourself. There's absolutely nothing to despair about so much. A

Counseling a Marriage Relationship

Counseling a marriage relationship can be tricky. You need to use a workable framework and appropriate questions to define your role in a marriage.

Getting Back With Your Ex - Are you Willing To Change?

Have you been asking yourself if there is a method to get your ex back? To respond to your question, the answer would be yes there is. Nearly everyone has had to deal with a break up at some time in t

How to Get Your Ex Back - Getting Them to Crawl Back to You

Relationships can turn messy at times. Little fights happen all the time in couples, we cannot deny it. There are also those issues that we just cannot handle. The ones that keep getting worse and can result in a break up. I have been through it and I know how painful it can be. But I have got my ex