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What Is the Meaning of Promissory Estoppel?

Promissory estoppel is a contract doctrine created by courts of equity. The doctrine may allow a party to enforce a contract which would otherwise be unenforceable because the contract has no consideration. Specific contract questions should be addressed to a lawyer.

How to Clear an Abstract of Judgment

A judgment, also known as a decree, is a final decision by a court in a criminal or civil matter or an appeal from a lower court's judgment. A judgment is valid if it was made by an acting judge and in a court which has jurisdiction to hear the case with all parties being given proper notice. The j

How to Sue in Small Claims Court in Ontario

Small Claims Court is designed to help consumers and small business owners collect money to which they are entitled under the law, without the need of a lawyer or incurring excessive legal fees. Claims up to $25,000 can be filed in Ontario small claims court. Common claims include unpaid accounts fo

New York Statute for Fraud & Breach of Contract

The statute of frauds is a basic doctrine of law stating that certain contracts must be put in writing and signed by all of the relevant parties in order to be enforceable. The goal of the statute of frauds is to clarify certain types of agreements, protect the parties, reduce litigation and provide

How to Know If I Should Sue for a Work Injury

If you are an employee and are injured at work, chances are you don't have the right to sue. Worker's compensation insurance trades the right to sue for prompt payout without a trial. The problem is that worker's compensation benefits often don't fully compensate a worker, especially for permanent o

How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

At Stange Law Firm, PC, with offices in St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson County (Arnold), Franklin County (Union) and St. Louis City (by appointment only), Missouri and St. Clair County (Belleville) and Madison County (Edwardsville), ...

What Are Military Tribunals?

A military tribunal, also called a military commission, differs from a civilian court of law. After the 9/11 attacks, President George W. Bush established that terrorists against the United States, and those suspected of having aided those terrorists, should be tried not in civilian criminal court,

How to File a Dog Food Lawsuit

Dog food companies have added potentially harmful chemicals to dog food in the past, causing severe illness or death in dogs. The most famous and widespread cases occurred in 2007, where it is believed that thousands of pets were killed because of tainted wheat gluten purchased from China. Filing a

What Happens After a Final Judgment Is Made Against You?

The phrase "final judgment" is often used in legal court cases such as divorce, child custody, bankruptcy and criminal trials. A final judgment means that the court has decided what the outcome of the proceeding will be and makes a statement accordingly. What happens to you after a final judgment is

The State of Oregon's Laws on Construction Contracts

Oregon law determines what required provisions a contractor must include in contracts for building new residential structures. In most instances, a construction contract must be in writing. This not only protects the homeowner, but it also makes each party clear about his obligations and rights. The

How to Write a Contract Report

Writing a contract report involves following content regulations, formatting pages, addressing a particular audience. While each government contract report should be formatted for the department the writer is addressing, a few standards are universal when writing a contract report.

How to Explain a Wrongful Judgment to a Landlord

Your home may be your castle, but when you rent you have to explain any misdeeds -- correct or not correct -- to the king. Your landlord may ask you about a past judgment, especially if it was for undue rent or damage to another rental property. It could affect your ability to obtain or renew your l

Umbrella Company AWR Mythbusters

This week's AWR "MythbustersTM" debates the issue surrounding how much pay between assignments a worker is entitled to when they are employed on a Swedish Derogation contract. Q. "As far as PBA is concerned, we ...

What Does a Reversal of Judgment Mean?

During a tort court case, a judge has two options when deciding which party wins: siding with the plaintiff or the defendant. When the defendant loses, a judgment is issued against her. In other words, the defendant must return property or pay the plaintiff money. However, the case isn't necessarily

Statute of Limitations for Securities Fraud

The statute of limitations is a procedural rule that governs the time period within which a legal cause of action must be filed in court. A lawsuit that is filed after the expiration of the relevant statute of limitations period is absolutely time-barred and must be dismissed. A plaintiff can file a

New Jersey Statute of Limitations for Legal Malpractice

When you seek the help of a lawyer, you want counsel on the law. It is the lawyer's responsibility to know the best course of action and to file the proper paperwork in order to ensure you are getting the best representation possible for your circumstances. Legal malpractice occurs when lawyers fail


An increasingly common way to terminate the employment contract is by way of mutual consent. This is a legal way to close out and does not lead to any problems regarding an unemployment benefit (WW). ...

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Verses Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Choosing to file through, and eventually traveling through the process of filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult and emotionally draining job. Although with the professional assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney one can make ...

Can I Sue in Civil Court If Someone's Insurance Fails to Pay?

When you are in an auto accident or some other type of accident that is not your fault, you may rely on another person's insurance to make things right. If the other individual's insurance company does not pay, one option that you could pursue is filing a civil lawsuit against the other individual.

How to Limit Liability in a Framework Agreement

A framework agreement is an agreement between a supplier and a manufacturer that sets forth terms and conditions under which specific purchases, called "call-offs," can be made. A party to a framework agreement may seek to limit liability, or restrict the amount of damages that the other party can r