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Three-Tier Organizational Structure of States' Courts

Most states organize courts into three basic levels, although the states vary in their names for these courts. The system follows a basic structure of trial court, appellate court and supreme court, with the supreme court as the highest court of law for the state. These three levels remain the same

How to Look Up Public Court Records in Connecticut

Whether you need to find public records of a criminal case or family law case, the State of Connecticut makes it extremely easy to access public court documents. Matters include housing cases, small claims cases, and civil and criminal suits.

How to Subpoena Bank Accounts

A subpoena is a legal instrument that compels some type of action. A subpoena can be issued only by judges, courts, government prosecutors or parties to a civil suit. As the party to a civil suit, you do not have unlimited power to subpoena whatever and whomever you'd like. Instead, you'll have to j

Requirements for Cook County Illinois Expungement

In Cook County, it's possible to free yourself of an arrest record.handcuffs one image by Paul Moore from Fotolia.comAn arrest record can haunt a person for a long time, affecting many areas of life, from employment opportunities to the ability to rent an apartment. For those arrested in...

Booker Sentencing Guidelines

The U.S. Supreme Court case of United States v. Booker, 543 U.S. 220 (2005) dramatically shifted the way the U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines are perceived and utilized in criminal sentencing, holding the Guidelines to be advisory and delineating Constitutional limits on judge's authority to se

How to Reverse a Judgment

If you are unhappy about the outcome of a civil case judgment against you, it may be possible to reverse it. Reversing a judgment entails appealing to a higher court, which may or may not overrule the previous decision. On the other hand, vacating a judgment involves suspending the judgment that was

Sentencing Guidelines in Washington State

Judges in Washington State must follow guidelines when sentencing juvenile and adult offenders. The guidelines were set up to ensure that offenders committing similar crimes receive similar sentences. The guidelines were established in the Sentencing Reform Act of 1981 and have been amended since th

How to File Suit in US District Court or US Claims Court Against the IRS

Tax law is complicated, so much so that sometimes taxpayers and the IRS disagree over who's interpreting the law correctly, and going to court is the only way to resolve the issue. There are actually three courts with jurisdiction over the IRS. In addition to the federal district courts and the Cour

How to Find Information on Inmate Court Date

Finding information on an inmate's court date is easy if you know the county and state of incarceration. The information is a matter of public record, and most counties will have it online in a searchable database by name or case number for free, but upcoming case dates for famous---or infamous---pe

The Law on Motions for Reconsideration in Alabama

A motion for reconsideration, or rehearing, as it is referred to in Alabama, is a petition for the court reconsider or rehear a matter. A motion for rehearing is submitted to the appellate court with authority over the the court that issued the original decision. Motions for rehearing are regulated

How to Request a Birth Certificate From Vineland, New Jersey

You can request two types of birth certificates from the Vineland, N.J., Health Department. The first one is a certified birth certificate. It is a legal document used for official business. The subject of the birth record and relatives, guardians or legal representatives can request a certified cop

Florida Family Laws on a Motion for Summary Judgment

A Motion for Summary Judgment is simply a request that the court rule on a matter instead of going to trial. A Motion for Summary Judgment argues that there are no triable issues, such no disputes of facts that require a jury to settle. In Florida, Motions for Summary Judgment in family law cases ar

How to Obtain a Record of My Name Change

People change their names for a variety of reasons, such as marriage, religious reasons or even just to change their outlook on life with a fresh start and a new name. After wrangling the paperwork to finalize your legal name change, some individuals are unaware of the procedures that are required t

How to Prepare for a Deposition

You may be called to testify at a deposition, even if you are not involved in a lawsuit. If you are a party to a lawsuit, your lawyer should prepare you for the deposition. However, if you are representing yourself or if you are called as a witness, you will benefit from knowing what to expect and h

How to Change Venue for a Federal Court Civil Case

In a federal civil law suit, the plaintiff decides where a case is going to be heard by filing the complaint at whatever court he chooses. An individual or a company may file a claim in any jurisdiction for any reason. For example, an individual in Massachusetts may choose to sue a company in Massac

Experience Needed To Be a Supreme Court Justice

As of 2010, 64 percent of all Supreme Court justices nominated since 1789 have had prior judicial experience. Although backgrounds of justices through the years have varied, an overwhelming majority of past justices have been private lawyers. Justices have often had other experience in government, a

Reasons to Vacate a Judgment in Texas

Although the legal system strives for finality, there are provisions under Texas law that allow a judge to set aside a judgment and give the losing party a second shot at convincing a jury or judge that he should prevail. The reasons can range from newly discovered evidence to lack of notice of the

How to Add Defendants to a Judgment in California

It is very difficult to add a defendent to a rendered judgment in California. The Constitution guarantees an individual the right to proper notice and the right to be heard, as a defendant in a lawsuit. A new defendant can only be added after the judgment, as an alter ego or substitute defendant, un

How to Write a Sample Complaint to the Courts

A criminal or civil complaint is slightly different in form from one state to another. Nonetheless they all share the same basic components. Preparation of a sample complaint would necessarily include all the elements required to constitute a complaint that is credible; what the courts describe as

How to Take the Fifth

You hear it all the time--in the news, on television and movies, you even use it in jest while hanging out with family and friends. "I take the fifth!" But what does it actually mean to take the fifth? Who can do it, and why? And what protection does it actually offer you?Michaele and Ta