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Why You Need a Traffic Lawyer

Most of us don't get in our car in the morning and decide that we will break the laws of the road and get caught doing it. Unfortunately, some of us break the law when ...

Get in Touch With a Criminal Attorney Orange County

Legal cases are considered to be complex and time consuming. It can definitely cause lots of inconvenience to a person accused of any sort of criminal offense. Basically, the legal justice system in the United ...

Free Public Police Records Search

Yes, there are Free Police Records readily available to anybody to search out the background of anyone we are suspicious of or uneasy about whether they are new acquaintance, strangers, neighbors, col

What Is Considered Probable Cause?

Probable cause is used when an officer of the law has reason to believe something illegal has, or may yet, happen(ed). The officer may have to defend their use of probable cause later in court so they must use it responsibly.

Sex Offenses and Sex Offenders

Many women carry mace-spraying devices in the purses. Parents may check their neighborhood for registered sex offenders. Law enforcement officials prowl the internet looking for child pornography. All of this is due to sex offenses that are taken very seriously in a court of law. There are many diff

How Long Do Background Check Results Take in Washington?

In Washington State, background checks for criminal history are processed through the Washington State Patrol WATCH (Washington Access to Criminal History) program. Employers may also request background checks through private investigators or independent companies.

Things to Know if You are Stopped for DUI

As a drunk driving defense attorney will tell you, perhaps the most important thing to remember when stopped on suspicion of a DUI (driving under the influence) is that you have agreed to implied cons

An Overview of the Role of a Bail Bondsman

A Florida based bail Bondsman is a person who pledges a particular sum of money or property as a security to a person who is convicted or accused by a court. Under normal situations, bail bond agents charge a fixed fee as equal to 10% of the money agreed in the bail.

False and Coerced Confessions

False and coerced confessions are made by innocent individuals during police interrogations. There are documented cases where innocent people were sent to prison based on a false confession.

DUI Driver's License Suspension

Driver's License suspension is when your driving privileges are revoked for a certain period of time due to DUI offense. But for some of us who were careless enough to have one too many drinks and still get in the driver's seat, a driver's license suspension can mean loss of a job, an

A Step Ahead Of OUI Cases in Massachusetts

Whether a driver is in the implied consent law or zero consent law, the cross checking of different tests to determine alcohol intake while driving is to prove that, the penalized driver is registered

Get a First-Class Criminal Defense Lawyer to Represent You

You are accused of a terrible crime. A murder perhaps. The police got you, and the prosecution is building a strong case against you. You are a petrified rabbit trapped in the glare of headlights. You can't run. There's nothing left to do but to fight for your freedom. You know there is on

What It Meant By ADUI in Las Vegas?

United States began to toughen their DUI laws in response to public outcry. Today, it is not necessary that a person be "drunk" to receive a Las Vegas DUI citation.

Failing or Refusing a Breathalyzer Test in Arizona

If you are pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), the arresting officer will more than likely ask you to submit to a breathalyzer test in order to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). When an individual finds himself in this situation, he or she can either take the te