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Depression : Health & Medical

Harmony And Inner Peace

This article is a brief Introduction to the fact that we can use the subconscious mind for creating Inner Peace and Harmony.Not only will you feel better but real Self Improvement is achieved!You have the ability to focus the mind in the meditation state then using guided imagery and visualization t

Can Natural Cure for Depression Work?

Life is definitely not a bed of roses for anyone who suffers from depression. You feel as if you are caught in the dark and you're all alone and lost. Most of all, nothing seems to help and you would probably start to feel that there is no meaning in your life anymore.

Antidote for Depression

We have become a society that relies a great deal on prescription medications. For instance, we use antidepressants to change our mood. But although we rely on them heavily, antidepressants don't work at all. Even when they do seem to help, they often lose their effectiveness over the course of

How to Know If Your Child is Depressed

Every parent's main wish is to make sure their children are happy and healthy; however, childhood depression is being seen now more than ever. And the number of depressed children continues to rise.

Are Your Beliefs About Depression Still True?

New research shows anti-depressants to be no better than placeboes. Using the ideas of neuroplasticity and brainswitching to treat depression are becoming mainstream.

The Way Out of Depression - Part 2

Individuals that are depressed must make effort to get out of it, otherwise being depressed for a long time can lead to suicide. Any one that is depressed must reach out to within in other to come out of it.

Not So Happy Mother's Day

Thousands of mothers will have a hard time enjoying Mother's Day this year due to postpartum depression.One in 7 new moms get hit with this disorder, and for this 15%, Mother's Day can be pretty tough.Most importantly, make sure she's getting good care from a therapist who specializes

What Caused My Depression?

It is believed that depression is commonly caused by a combination of different factors. Although the definite causes has not yet been reveled, the two major factors are mainly biological and social.

Gingko Biloba For Depression and Benefits of Use

Many people with depression are finding that antidepressant medications are not working for them. There are many different reasons why this is, but contrary to belief many scientific studies also show that these drugs not only do not work, they have side-effects and addictive properties that far out

Depression in Children and Teens

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of depression in children and teens including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

The Alarming Statistics On Childhood Depression

An article about the alarming statistics on childhood depression not only in the U.S. but abroad as well. The article discusses studies and their findings that include the FDA and British Journal of Medicine.

Know the Signs of Teenage Depression

Being aware of what the signs of teenage depression are is the first step in curing the disease. Oftentimes these signs are overlooked and pushed aside as a result of ignorance. The general belief is that teenagers are supposed to behave in a way contrary to standard procedures.