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Warranty Coverage Considerations for a Wheelchair Van

The prospect of regain mobility is of vital importance to those facing the challenges of a disability. Whether the mobility impaired person will be driving the vehicle, or riding as a passenger, it is important to understand the warranty and service coverage agreements of both the wheelchair van and

People With Disabilities Live in Their Own Prisons

If criminals have their homes behind bars, people with disabilities live on the other side of these bars, having their own prisons. Unfortunately, their position is established by the system and the society is the one that labels them. Prison is prison, but for those who live in very small apartment

What Are the Causes of Intellectual Disability?

Intellectual disability is a condition characterized by decreased mental, social and communication functioning or skills in an individual. A person with an intellectual disability will have trouble learning, taking care of himself and will generally develop slower than one without an intellectual di

Electric Powerchair - Speed Daemon Or Socializing Tool?

I was leaning back in my seat on a hot and sunny spring afternoon, enjoying cup coffee. At the Ventura Starbucks patio, a woman on her electric powerchair moved about swiftly between the chairs and the tables. The people were waiting on the acoustic guitar performance. The woman in her electric powe

Frozen Shoulder Exercises For Greater Range Of Motion

The rotator cuff of the shoulder is one of the most mobile, but vulnerable joints of the human body. Because of the sensitivity of the joint, problems show up frequently in this area especially in ath

Recreation Games & Activities for the Mentally Disabled

Mentally disabled individuals enjoy many of the same things that those without disabilities enjoy. When planning recreation games and activities for those with a mental disability, consider their physical as well as cognitive ability. Choosing things they can actively participate in and enjoy is cru

What Conditions Warrant a Service Dog?

German Shepherds are commonly used as service dogs.dog image by Krzysztof Gebarowski from Fotolia.comA service dog is a trained canine that is used to help a person with a physical or mental disability perform everyday tasks. The use of service animal is protected under the Americans with...

How to Reduce Accessive Humidity in Your Home

Excessive moisture can create moldy odors, stains on walls, peeling paint, condensation on windows, and damp floors and surfaces. More importantly, the occupants are at risk due to airborne diseases and allergens that can bring about a variety of discomforts.A lack of ventilation is one

What is So Great About Mobility Scooters?

Mobility scooters give hope and a new life to people who can't walk. They take the pain away from those who can't move freely one place to another or one room to another. Let&#03

My Special Needs Child - A Challenging Journey

Due to prematurity and then neglect by her biological parents, my daughter, now seven, was greeted into the world by a life full of challenges. The first time I saw her, she was three and a half years old and lying in an institutional bed with her nose tubed to an oxygen tank and her stomach tubed t

How To Superior A Swell Camera For Sports Photography

It has become the independent filmmakers as a result of its quality as well as standard for home and semi-professional customers in comparison to analog. This is what they use in film making and it makes the big difference when editing too.Also visit my blog post - gopro - http://www.njserenityspa.c

Drug Addiction - The disability and its cure

Drug addiction is indeed a very strong disability that has taken the entire world in its firm grip. Although man has always relied on the chemicals present in natural substances to cure him of his ...

How to Disable Unsupported Events in ICQ

Disabling unsupported events in ICQ prevents other users from sending you requests to use communication plug-ins you don't have. ICQ is an instant messaging application from ICQ, LLC. which allows users to communicate via text, voice and video chat. ICQ users can install third-party plugins which ad

100% Invisible Hearing Aid the Starkey OtoLens

Starkey has developed the first custom, completely invisible, fully programmable digital hearing aid called the OtoLens. The new OtoLens is placed so deep in the ear canal it cannot be seen. What's so amazing about ...