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Recovery Rates of Your Lost Items

Lost cameras, missed flights, stolen items and the like One is very prone to mishaps when travelling though one thing is for sure with the right insurance you are able to reduce the financial burden it will cost you. The basis level of insurance for health and accident policies, personal auto polici

Here's A Quick Way To Guarantee You Get That Guest House Room

While I was staying at this cool little guest house in the heritage area of Georgetown (Penang, Malaysia) I observed travellers constantly walk in off the street and ask if there were any rooms available. Although that might be fun, here's a way that's guaranteed you get the room you want,

The Five Golden Rules of Cross Country Road Trip Planning

A cross country road trip is both a dream-come-true and one of the most challenging to plan and prepare for. These five Golden Rules are essential and will make sure that you've done all the vital planning necessary to enjoy a wonderful road trip vacation (rather than experience a disaster that

Top Places to Visit in Houston

Houston is the city of oil, cowboys and the space center - it is all of that and MUCH more. Here are just a few of the exciting things to do in this fabulous city.

Top 10 Travel Advice

Always ensure that you have checked the latest travel advice for the destination you wish to travel so subscribe to any free email notifications each time the travel advice is updated. If need be opt for travel insurance and make sure this is arranged before hand to cover any activities you wish to

Great Trip or Vacation Ideas for RV Owners or Renters

RVs fill America's highways and byways during the sunny and pleasant summer months - for good reason. There are lots of great places to stop... lots of sensational sights to see... lots of wonderful people to meet. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to choose a route - and a tour - that doesn&

Why Is New Zealand Such A Popular Destination Among International Tourists?

With close to two and a half million tourists making their way to the country every year, there's no doubt that New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations in the world. The country has been voted the best to visit on holiday and is frequently featured by travel magazines, websites and

Nightlife in Miami

Miami is well known for is its nightlife and night clubs which are famous all around the world. A night in Miami is a perfect way to loosen up after a stressful day at the office, whether you want to have something to drink or eat, Miami has the best solutions for your needs.

Tips to Enjoy the Great Food of India

One of the challenges in traveling to India is how to enjoy all the great food and continue to enjoy it for the entire stay. There are many stories about the challenges and how to overcome them. Here we look at a practical approach to enjoying meal times.

Tips for Air Travel With a Toddler

Families travel all over the world for many reasons. Air Travel with toddlers doesn't have to be a stressful experience. Here are some tips.

How a Travel Agency Helps You Plan a Vacation

In the busy world that we are in right now, most people seem to be more concerned about making money than appreciating the time they spend with their loved ones. If you've made that resolve to spend more quality time with your family, a trip out of time can be something they'll truly enjoy

Hidden Culture and Places of Himachal Pradesh

Pragpur: Visit India's first "heritage village." With cobbled streets and slate-roofed houses it gives a vivid sense of how rural life has been lived in this area for the last few hundred years.

Giant Sequoia Day Trip From Madera California

Just one hour south east of Madera lies Sequoia National Park, home to the world's largest living things, the Giant Sequoia trees. The Giant Sequoias are as tall as typical 26-story buildings. The base of the trees would fill a city street.

Pack Your Bags and Get Set On Easy Tips to Travel Safely

Travelling is fun, but that's only when you have a budget, a nice camera, the best walking shoes and everything already figured out. Purpose always matters because if you desire to travel somewhere outside your country, then you need to have proper documentations along with you. Besides this, y

Five Ideal West Coast Locations for a Family Reunion

Choosing a location can make or break a family reunion, which is why many family reunion planners often stress out over where to hold the event. It needs to be a place that's both reachable by all family members and capable of accommodating such a large crowd of people at one time. Fortunately,

Important Travel Health Tips To Keep In Mind

While going to different places, is always a fun experience, traveling can also be tiring and stressful at times, especially when there are cases of lost baggage, delayed flights, or accidents along the way. The nature of traveling can sometimes take a toll on a person's health, weakening his/h

Tips to Enjoy an Ideal Dorset Holiday

Dorset is fast becoming one of the most well known destinations for a family vacation. Situated in the South West of England, the county of Dorset offers families a good number of things to do. To begin with, one should book themselves into one of the many Dorset holiday cottages.

Prepare Ahead for a "Long" Car Journey

This article is to try help motorists who are contemplating traveling by car on long journey. I have tried to give good positive advice from my own experiences whilst driving long distances. This will ensure that you will have a good and happy driving experience on your next journey coming up to the