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Methods of Serving Divorce Papers

Divorce is a complicated process. For some couples, the process can last for years. For others, the process is completed soon after the papers are filed. However, despite all the uniqueness that a divorce can have, most divorces begin in the same way. One of the first steps required to begin the pro

What Is Legal Separation in Vermont?

Legal separation is an alternative to divorce if spouses wish to live apart, but not terminate their marriage. Under Section 555 of Vermont Statutes, Vermont courts are permitted to issue decrees of legal separation.

FAQs About Divorce in Nevada

Divorce laws differ from state to state. Here are some answers to some frequently asked question about divorce law in Nevada.

Is Divorce Mediation Right For Your Situation?

Divorce mediation is a process whereby a mediator works with both parties to reach an agreement on all terms. A mediator is there only to keep the process structured and help each party accomplish their goals as much as possible.

Signs That Your Marriage Is Heading for Divorce

Marriage is supposed to last forever, right? Now, for some reason, that dream has been shattered and you find yourself unable to think of a future with your spouse. Here are a few red flags that your marriage is heading for divorce.

California Divorce Cases - Beware of This Common Trap

California divorce cases fall into one of two legal categories: an uncontested divorce (a default case) or a contested divorce. This article will explain the difference and show you how to avoid the common trap of falling into a contested divorce that turns into a legal battle.

Finding the Ideal Divorce Attorney

Divorces are some of the most tedious and tiring affairs to undertake. Imagine having to go through a ton of paperwork and many sleepless nights just to get a lot of things in order. Well, worry no more, because you have a Provo divorce attorney. Your divorce attorney can and will keep you informed

Rights of Women in Africa

While still behind the Western world, rights for African women have been gaining strength since the African Union adopted the Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa in July 2003. A broad range of human rights issues are now covered by international law specifically pertaining to women, most impor

Divorce Emergency Help

There are few areas of divorce that are considered emergencies by the courts, but when the emergencies pop up, they are real emergencies. Emergencies usually involve the minor children, as the Court's main focus is the best interest of the minor children. If one of the parents has issues with the ot

Divorce Advice for Women in California

Divorces are difficult to go through, but when you are properly prepared for your separation, things will be a lot less emotional and a lot quicker. It's important to always put your children first and remember to take care of yourself as well. Reach out to friends, relatives and a therapist, if nee

Family Law Factsheet

A divorce means that a marriage is legally dissolved. Both parties agree with a divorce, and it is the ending of a valid marriage, meaning both parties return to single status, and can remarry should they so wish.

Guide To Retrieve Death Records Via Online

Public death records are usually used in gathering data for genealogical research. Others would simply want to know the whereabouts of someone whom a person has been looking for. Some would utilize it for serious cases like in legal proceedings. The issue on how to obtain such important files has be

How to Create a Separation Agreement

Many couples decide to go through a separation prior to a divorce to see if problems can be resolved before that next very drastic step. This is especially true when children and other complex marital situations are involved. Many jurisdictions require that you file a separation agreement before a d

How to Find Divorce Records for the State of New Jersey

You might need to locate divorce records for a number of reasons including when applying for a passport or for Social Security benefits, in the event of a subsequent marriage or to enforce an order from the final decree of divorce. In New Jersey, divorce records are generally considered public recor

Top Divorce Attorneys Share Their Secrets on How to Win in a Divorce Settlement

Going through a divorce can be a rough process, but top divorce attorneys can give you tips on how to win. One of the biggest pieces of advice when getting divorced is to work with an attorney. A good attorney knows the ins and outs of family law, and will gather evidence necessary for your case, pr

Legal - Law For Family Issues

Family Law is one area that involves family issues in a legal perspective and helps resolve conflicts in issues involving marriage, divorce, paternity, child support, alimony, adoptions, custodian rights and more. Family laws and attorneys are mainly involved with divorced or separated couples but h