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Kindle Keyboard

People couldn't help but compare which Kindle is best €" there is Kindle Fire that comes in full color; there is Kindle Keyboard and there is Kindle Touch Screen. Some say Kindle Touch Screen is ...

How to Install a PS3 on a TV

Your PlayStation 3 video game system, also called PS3, connects to your television like any other video device, such as a DVD player. The console, however, comes with two video cables: HDMI or composite. If you own a standard set, you must use the three-pronged composite cable. HDTV owners, on the o

How to Change Razr Faceplates

You can take apart Motorola's V3 RAZR cell phone to add your own faceplate to customize the phone. Check with your cell phone carrier to see if your phone has restrictions on its warranty that might prevent you from removing the pieces necessary to change the faceplate. Changing the faceplate alters

How do I Convert a DVI to a HDMI?

Both DVI and HDMI are types of high definition video technology. Although HDMI has become much more widely used than DVI, many electronic devices, such as computers and TVs, still have an optional DVI port. If you have a DVI-only device that you want to connect to an HDMI cable, you will need to use

Home and Portable Solar Power Systems

The sun gives energy to the plants, we eat the plants and receive the nourishment from the sun. Humans have always worked at developing methods for harnessing the available renewable energy including the sun's energy. ...

Pros & Cons of a Hard Disk Camcorder

Camcorders with hard disks offer much more storage capacity.camcorder lens image by javarman from Fotolia.comSince the dawn of home video, operating a camcorder has meant juggling and managing some sort of media, be it tapes or flash cards. The development camcorders able to store video...

How to Buy a Flat Screen LCD TV

Buying a flat-screen LCD TV can be a harrowing experience. Depending on the size and resolution you could easily be spending $1,000 or more, which is not a decision that should be taken lightly. By making just a few considerations before heading off to the store you can be sure you're buying the fla

Plasma Television Burn Prevention

Plasma televisions are expensive, and burn-in can be a costly problem. Burn-in occurs when a logo or picture is displayed on a television for several hours and becomes burned into the screen. You will be able to see a faint image of the logo or picture in the screen when the television is turned off

How to Wire an Audio Amp

Audio amplifiers are wired just about the same way for every make and model. The speakers are connected to the amplifier. The amplifier is grounded to a secure metal surface. The amplifier is connected to the stereo and than the amplifier is connected to the power source. Amplifiers have labels on t

Essentials Pro - The New iPad App

The AppStore has thousands of applications for you to make use of in your iPad but not all of them are available for free. You have to pay a price to download most of the ...

How to Repair an Infrared Emerson TV

An Emerson TV relies on an infrared receiver panel to accept the command from the remote for changing the channels, controlling the volume and accessing the menus. You can repair the infrared receiver that is no longer functioning. There are two procedures that can be used, with the second requiring

Sun Based Water Heater Suppliers

Sunlight based water warmers can be a significant expansion to any property that obliges a boiling point water supply. There are two primary monetary profits identified with introducing sun oriented b

Location Ideas for a Flat Screen

Flat screen televisions are much smaller than traditional televisions.Plasma panel image by Nikolay Okhitin from Fotolia.comTo choose the location for a flat screen television, you should consider the size and layout of the room, the room's furniture and how much distance is necessary to...

Mobile Phones For Free?

As mobile phones become more and more popular, we are faced with more and more choices. Even when it comes to buying this simple, but important little device, there are many options. From mom and pop

HTC One X Review: Learn Before You Buy

With HTC One X, you'll get an HD screen, a thin chassis, the best HTC processor and firm looks that spectacularly recreate the victory of their previous phone, HTC Desire. One X runs a quad c

How to Add Voices to Nuvi

Your Garmin Nuvi GPS navigation device includes dozens of preloaded voices with various accents and languages, such as Spanish or English-Australian. Over time, you may become bored or annoyed with your factory-original selections. If that's the case, you can add new voices from Garmin's website usi