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Puerto Rico: The Labor Laws

Puerto Rico has what many consider to be the most heavily regulated labor laws of all U.S. states and territories. The territory of Puerto Rico allows many benefits for full and part time employees that are unequaled in other states and territories. Current and potential employers based...

How to Replace a U.K. Student Visa

So you're studying in the U.K., but your course is ending and your visa time is almost up. You've decided you want to stay and work permanently in the U.K. or earn another academic or postgraduate degree. The UK Border Agency has several options for those students wishing to replace or extend their

New York State Labor Law on Breaks for Part-Timers

The New York Department of Labor enforces the state's wage and hour regulations. New York employers are subject to the state's wage and hour laws and the U.S. Department of Labor's federal wage and hour requirements. Section 162 of the New York State Labor Law codifies the meal and break requirement

Can Income Taxes Be Taken for Wage Garnishments in Missouri?

When an individual has a money judgment leveled against him, the court that leveled the judgment will order him to pay the plaintiff a set amount of money by a certain period of time. In Missouri, if the person fails to do this, then he may face the garnishment of his wages. However, neither his inc

Will Bankruptcy Stop Garnishment?

Usually bankruptcy will stop wage garnishment. For most types of debt in most cases, bankruptcy will mean an immediate halt to wage garnishment due to the automatic stay. For many types of debt, it will mean an end to wage garnishment in the future as well due to the discharge.

Jones Act Laws

The Jones Act is a form of federal workers' compensation (although not officially a workers' compensation statute) that holds organizations engaged in marine commerce liable for the injuries or deaths of seamen resulting from negligence on the part of the employer. Officially known as the...

The Nature Of The Employment Law - Its Eccentricity & Safety Precautions

If you are in the bad books of your employer, the employment law is undoubtedly going to create a huge problem. A thorough knowledge of the areas of the employment law that may apply to you, is probably your only option if you want to save your butt in the worst possible case.

Understanding Work Accident Claims

Follow these work injury claim guidelines. Here are key steps to take after a injury order to file a persuasive workplace accident compensation claim.

Analysis of Youth Employment Laws

The United States adopted child labor laws in the mid-1800s to protect children from abuse. State and federal employment laws now protect youth in the workplace.

Snooping Employers

Employees should assume they're being watched. The idea of "privacy in the workplace" is limited to a "reasonable expectation" of privacy that can be overcome by an employer's clear policies that your actions are being monitored.

Major EEO Laws

Many laws in the United States guarantee fairness in the workplace.people team sign image by T.Tulic from Fotolia.comMajor Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws in the United States are enacted by Congress and enforced by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Laws passed by...

Skills Development Levy Act

The Skills Development Levy Act was passed in the Republic of South Africa in 1999 in an effort to implement a skills development levy while also providing provisions regarding the collections of the levy.

Arizona Wage Garnishment Rules

Arizona state law determines the legal process for wage garnishments.gavel image by Cora Reed from Fotolia.comIn Arizona, state laws govern the extent to which wages can be garnished by creditors. There are guidelines within the law that specifically determine what percentage of a...

Employee Free Choice Act - A Danger For Employers

One of the most disturbing pieces of legislation vigorously supported by President Obama and most Democrats in Congress is the so-called Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). The title of the legislation is misleading, because far from protecting worker free choice, it would deprive employees of a secret

Do I Have a Case?Workers Compensation Guide

Many jobs are dangerous, and pose a significant risk to your life and health every day. Unfortunately, risks are often unknown to employees, and employees who do know usually don't have the luxury of finding a different job. Workers' compensation exists to protect the rights of employees w

The Equality Act and How It Affects You

Ideology aside such changes in law leave us asking, how this will affect my business. Although the full implications of such an act can never be realised initially the following have been highlighted as areas in which the law will cause change to employer's routines in relation to the procureme

Confidentiality and Schools

Knowing that your family's personal information is protected encourages you to trust your child's teacher, nurse, counselor and school officials. The same can be said for children; they need to feel safe and know that confidential information will be kept from their peers. But considering we live in

When a Job Interview Seems Like an Interrogation

Job interviews are inherently stressful. When you're trying to present a positive image of yourself as a worker, it can be difficult to know how to respond to your interviewer's questions. Your interviewer is usually a stranger, and you may not know what questions to expect.

Florida Garnishment Rules

Florida exempts heads of household from wage garnishment.florida secret image by feisty from Fotolia.comIf a person fails to pay a debt, a creditor can try various methods to collect the debt. One method is to petition a court for a writ of garnishment. Someone who owes a debt is called a...

Legal Buffer - Employment Contracts And Essential Information

You always have to be careful about a lot of things when you're running a business. You always have to continuously be aware of the legal aspects which comes with running a business, most especially for small business where you have to put where a lot of effort will be demanded from you to put