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Endocrine disease : Health & Medical

Alogliptin's Approval Woes

Alogliptin has had a tortuous time in seeking FDA approval, but even if it succeeds, who will use it?

Opioid Endocrinopathy

Are opioids adverse effects more of a "pain" than you realized? Learn how opioids may be associated with hypogonadism, adrenal insufficiency, and other endocrine disorders.

ADA 2009: Retracting Fears Over Glitazone Risks

In this video blog, Dr. Arthur Vinik highlights research from this year’s American Diabetes Association meeting which allayed concerns about cardiovascular risks associated with glitazone therapy.

A How-To for Home BP Checks

Helping patients get accurate blood pressure readings is essential for making appropriate treatment decisions.

PKC Inhibitors

What is the current clinical status of the PKC inhibitors?