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Understanding Comparative Philosophy

As a branch or subfield of philosophy, comparative philosophy is quite young and is still in its early stage of development. Its aim is to work on problems and compare various philosophies by taking into account all sources regardless of culture, language or philosophical stream.

Mck2812 High Voltage Servomotor Driver Evaluation Board

Based on Texas Instruments TMS320F2812 DSP, the driver evaluation board is part of a reliable and fast servomotor driver solution, which contains three parts: an EVM2812 board (DSP part), this HVD (driver part) and IB2812 (interface part).

Academic Cadence

Is the pace of academic research and discovery really speeding up? Well most researchers believe it is thanks in part to collaboration efforts, the Internet and massive research funding for some of our top areas of scientific momentum.

Getting Out

Do you ever feel like you just need to get 'out'? I find that I feel this way and I'm not really sure where to go.

How to Experience a Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming means dreaming while you know that you are dreaming. The term was coined by Frederik van Eeden who used the word "lucid" in the sense of mental clarity. With practice nearly anyone can experience lucid dreams.

Have You Ever Met God?

Where is God? How can you see Him? Is there really any god in our world? These are the questions that come to our introspective mind... Yes... God is there.

The Arts Have the Power to Transform Whole Communities

This is evident in how well designed programs in the arts have boosted academic achievement and nurtured the development of well-rounded students and the community within. Playwright, Wendy Wasserstein stated "The arts reflect profoundly the most democratic credo, the belief in an individual vi

DNA-RNA Assembly Line Function: Programmed Intelligence or Chemistry?

In their book "The Language of Life," George and Muriel Beadle, in the closing chapters, pondered the question: at what point in the biochemical evolution from chemical substances to living things do we break the chain and declare the boundary between the non-living and the living state? T

"What is a Game" He Asked

Recently, in reading the book; "This is Your Brain On Music," by Daniel J. Levin, the author was discussing how humans commit things to memory based on their perceptions of the world from their many observations and experiences. In putting forth his well-founded argument on page; 141 where

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How Can You Stay Neutral On All Subjects if You Are Human?

The Debate rages on in Think Tanks across the country, as one group cuts another research facilities studies to the core and vise versa. How can anyone agree as science is at odds over their findings, funding and results? Well as the operator of a Non-Partisan Think Tank you can imagine the accusati

Justice is Balance

No one gets everything all ways.Justice comes to all eventually.All things equal out generally over time.The character Henri Ducard (played by Liam Neeson) said 'Justice is balance,' in Batman Begins and I find it true to life.

The Story Line

The story line is the greatest, most powerful element in human life. The manifestation of all that is real, meaningful, and fortuitous is provided to us by the story line.

Academic Confusion

Have you ever noticed that one University Report conflicts or is diametrically opposed to another University Research Paper? You would think that if both groups are using scientific method that they would indeed come to the same conclusions right? Well you would think, but they never do.

Individual Freedom in Society

The modern society offers more freedom than any other civilization before our time. But in contrast, what we can do with our lives demands more devotion and time. And although society grants us a vast variety of choices, in a more philosophical stand-point, we can ask can freedom exist in a society,

Greed and Chaos or Nobleness and Predictable Design

Mankind is a funny animal, existing in chaos, yet seeking orderly-ness rather than embracing what is. It is the age-old argument of Good, evil, heaven and hell, interesting man made ideas; how about randomness vs. simplicity; randomness vs. orderly-ness; now then which would be best?

The Liar Paradox: Solutions

That certain sentences involving liars are paradoxical has been known for a long time. Perhaps the earliest written formulation of the liar paradox within Western philosophy dates back to the Ancient Greek period: it is due to Eubulides of Miletus, author of several other important logical paradoxes

Conflict Without Cause

At every crossroad where we become divided by difference, where we confront fundamental Others, we fail to understand or even imagine what is divided and what is dividing. When there are visible differences we can't help supposing our separations must be across the differences most visible to u