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Ignore That Pie in the Sky

A question often asked of entrepreneurs is ‘How big is your market?’ Whether you are trying to raise capital through equity investment, or building a business plan and sales strategy for an already established company, this question is one of the most important you can ask yourself –

European Food Packaging Trends

European food packaging paper, generally used cartons, paper bags, paper tube and so on. In Europe, restaurants, food 'packages' with a piece of paper is

The Answer When There Isn't One

You have been there before. A customer asks you a question, your mind goes blank and you have a look that lacks confidence. With the continuous changes of procedures and product offerings, it is diffi

Leadership: A Key to Engaged Employees

The word 'engagement' is thrown liberally around corporate Australia these days. If one is engaged to the organisation, he or she feels 'part of' it. Loyal, committ

Management Through Coaching

The best way to manage people is through Coaching. Coaching helps people to take right decisions at right time

The importance of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership has taken precedence over strong leadership in corporate environments. It is not enough for one to be a good leader if you want to be the cream of the crop. Today's world i

Management Mentoring and Leadership Development

At the management level of an organisation, it's very easy to get sucked into a cycle and spend all your time fighting fires, just to maintain the status quo. This comes completely at the exp

How to Choose the Right Business Coach?

Are you planning to hire a business coach? Professional coaches can help you to be more successful in your business. All that you need to do is to hire the right person. Go through this article to kno

Dare to be a Hero: At Work, At Home, and For Yourself

What does it mean to be a hero in your life? Everyone has their personal stand for what they believe makes a hero. No matter what our personal definition of “hero” is, we all have the opportunity to b

Objectives for Business Incubators

What makes an incubator different from common rental space is a structured program. Gates tells how using a coordinator to oversee the incubator, using the media as a public announcement aid, and rein

4 Principles of Succession Planning

Based on experience and observation of incredibly successful companies, I proposed four principals of succession planning to create an environment of accountability that supports individual growth and

A Perspective On the Science of Leadership

When this person enters the workplace change begins. Like a ring leader in a grand circus, this person exudes just enough influence to empower participants to excel from existing dormant states to hig