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Alabama Grandparents Visitation Rights

Grandparents often have very strong relationships with their grandchildren. However, if the parents and grandparents do not get along, the parents may attempt to obstruct that relationship by denying any contact with the grandchildren. In Alabama, grandparents in that situation can petition a court

Teen Relationship Violence - Is Your Child a Victim?

Mary gets a phone call from the police. Jill has been severely beaten by her boyfriend, and she is in the hospital under intensive care. Mary rushes to the hospital, and the doctors inform her that although Jill should make a full recovery, she will need extensive therapy to heal not only physically

Laws on Ordering a Paternity Test

Paternity testing is sometimes necessary to ensure that a child's biological father supports the child financially. However, it can also work in the favor of named or assumed fathers who have doubts that a child is their own, sparing them countless years of supporting another man's child. It is impo

Why Don't You Just Leave This Abusive Relationship?

If you are in a relationship and keep hearing these words from your friends or family such as, "Why don't you just leave?" you are most likely in an abusive, unhealthy or dangerous relationship. Leaving seems so simple and easy to others but for the person in this relationship, it is

Tax Benefits of Foster Kids

When tax time comes around, having children is usually a benefit because the children can be deducted as dependents. Foster children are not blood relatives, but they are placed in the home by an appropriate placement agency or via a court order. Like other children in the household, foster children

How to File for Divorce in Chicago, Illinois

A dissolution of marriage, or divorce, can be filed in Illinois on the grounds of irreconcilable differences or a two year separation. Adultery, cruelty, abandonment, drug addiction and felony convictions are also recognized as grounds for a divorce. To file for divorce, you must have lived in Illin

How to Change Your Name in Another State After a Divorce

Divorce can be a costly and frustrating experience. After the dust has settled you might want to sever all ties with your former spouse. Personal and professional reputation, as well as credit references, may be influenced by name identity. The reinstatement of a former surname is the perfect method

Grandparent Rights in Florida

There are no federal laws in place that ensure visitation rights for grandparents.walking the toddler image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comGrandparents are often a minor consideration in child custody cases. While some states have little or no language referring to grandparents rights, the...

How to Terminate Temporary Child Guardianship

If you have temporary relinquished guardianship of your child due to illness, homelessness or financial problems and wish to regain physical custody of your child, you will need to submit a petition to the court that heard the initial guardianship case. After you file your petition with the court, y

Helping Our Traumatized Children Heal

Ifyou want to break the cycle of abuse, now is the time to consider how affected your children have been as a result of living with family violence. Help them heal.

Domestic Violence Survivors - The Language of Victimization

When you live in an abusive relationship, you develop interaction and communication patterns that you carry with you in other relationships. Recognizing this language of domestic violence victimization will open doors for more satisfying interaction with yourself and with others.

Requirements for a Change of Name

Reviewing a document as part of planning for a name change.Hand and document at the meeting image by Dmitry Goygel-Sokol from Fotolia.comAfter making a decision to change your name, the next step is understanding the basic requirements for seeking this legal alteration. Although the...

How to Legally Change Your Name After Marriage in Ohio

A new bride who has made the decision to take her husband's name after marriage will need to take steps in order to make the name change legal. The process of legally changing your name in Ohio is simple when the reason for the name change is a recent marriage. Most offices will require you to bring

Ohio Marriage Information

In order to get married in the state of Ohio, you'll need to obtain a marriage license from the probate court in the county where you intend to live after the ceremony. The process requires some pertinent paperwork and is pretty quick and painless as long as you show up at the probate court prepared

What Is a Petition For the Dissolution of Marriage?

Family law cases, including divorce, involve the use of a variety of legal documents. One of the most frequently utilized of all family law documents is the petition for dissolution of marriage. In order to achieve a general understanding of family law, you need to understand the petition for the di

Ways to Make Virtual Visitation Work

Parents raising a child in two separate households may decide to use virtual visitation, also known as Internet visitation, as a way to keep the child in regular contact with one parent during time spent in the other parent's household, especially when a significant geographic distance separates the

Grandparents Rights Advocate in California

In the last few decades, many factors have changed the nature of family ties. Those factors include long-distance moves, divorces, recomposed families and new birth options such as surrogate mothers. While those changes mainly affect parents and children, grandparents can also find themselves in com