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The word androgynous refers to a person who does not display a distinctly male or distinctly female appearance.

Undies Out In Restrooms: The New Trend

Guys posting pictures of themselves online is nothing new. Collecting selfies of dudes showing off their package in public restrooms is the new trend on instagram.


Reviews of the gay books, movies, theater, shows, bars and products you want to know about.

What Is Statutory Rape?

What Is Statutory Rape and how Does It apply to Lesbian/Bisexual Relationships?

Cynthia Falls for a Woman

Cynthia's coming out story and her first lesbian relationship, her first lesbian sex.

What are the legal benefits of marriage?

Marriage has many privileges and responsibilities. By denying gays and lesbians the right to marry, the government is denying them more than 1400 legal rights that married couples in the United States have access to. What are the legal rights and benefits of marriage?

Communicating on a Homosexual Level

Outside of the gay and lesbian community, away from the gay bar, the island or the village, many gays blend in.They lead their everyday lives just like everyone else.They have their job to go to, and the everyday tasks it entails.The social scene might be a...

Costa Del Sol Gay Scene

If you are homosexual, lesbian, transgender, bisexual or straight and want to go to a club or bar where you don't have to worry about being harassed by the opposite sex, Spain has a very active gay scene. Gay clubs, bars, hotels and associations can be found throughout the country with more of

Finding a Fertility Specialist

In order to increase our chances of having a successful insemination, we decided to consult a Fertility Specialist. Now I'm not recommending any particular one, as we live in Florida. But please consult your insurance company and see which specialist would be right for you and your situation.

Dating For Career Men

For years, you've sacrificed all of your free time for your education and career. And now you're a career man without a man. But, it's not too late. You can find a date as a career man.

Gay Dating Tips

Tips for gay dating. The do's and don't in the world of gay dating.