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Tips to Have Safer Sex

Having safe sex is preferable for most of the couples out there because it reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies. There are many methods of safe sex but none of them ...

Skin to Skin Feeling: Doc Johnson Man's Grease

Water Based Cream Lubricant is one of the new types of lube that have entered the market. Unfortunately, people tend to love the good old sticky lube in a tube.There are many reasons why the ...

Infant & Toddler Motor Development

In terms of motor development, parents of infants and toddlers must realize that each child is an individual and is not going to do everything by the book you may have purchased on the subject. Your child may develop earlier than indicated, right on schedule, or a bit later than indicated.

How to Make a Hairbow Out of Hair

The singer and artist Lady Gaga famously dresses up her hair and clothing in unconventional ways. As a trendsetter, her hair choices have been questionable, but the famous bow made of her own hair marked a trend among her fans. With just a few tools, creating your own hair bow will leave you looking


You want to be able to give your girl the best orgasms of her life? you want to be the best she has ever had? You should know that being that would make her forget ...

Astroglide Gel

A review of Astroglide Gel personal lubricant. Includes pros and cons of Astroglide Gel, suggestions of who it would and would not be good for, and things to watch out for during use.

Diversity Lesson 101: Queer

Queer is a complicated and "radical" term that has been used disparagingly, an outside of the binary way of self-identifying, and an umbrella term to describe sexual/gender minorities. Queer Historically Seen as an Insult: The ...

Erectile Dysfunction Injections

An overview of erectile dysfunction injections -- medication used to treat erectile dysfunction by directly injecting it into the penis.

Bend Over, Boyfriend

Information, tips, and resources for straight couples interested in exploring male anal play and strap on sex. Includes shopping tips, safer sex tips, and information about gender and role play.

How to Make a Wristband Out of Felt

Making felt wristbands is a cute, inexpensive craft project that is easy for you or your child to do. With little more than a few felt pieces, scissors and glue, you can design and make fun jewelry pieces for you or your child. These wristbands can be made to be very girly, adorned with flowers or r

How to Make a Trap Out of Rope

If you spend any time outside in the wilderness, you should know how to tie a trap from a length of rope in case you ever find yourself lost or in a survival situation. With a simple length of thin rope, you can quickly and easily build a basic yet effective snare appropriate for catching small game

Common Ways To Get A Woman Turned On

Sometimes when guys are looking for tips and advice on how to get a woman turned on, they are so sure that they need to find "secret" methods that they end up overlooking the fact that it does not have to be nearly as complicated as they assume it to be. When you feel like you don't k

Sex With My Boyfriend Hurts

Advice for someone who is having painful sex with their boyfriend about how to change the situation.