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Personalized Sequencing and the Future of Medicine

Advances in the speed and scale of DNA sequencing means it's now practical to produce personalized clinical evaluations. What impact will this have on pharmacogenomics and medicine as a whole?

hs-CRP: What Is Proven and Unproven?

Dr. Michael Davidson looks at genetic links between C-reactive protein and cardiovascular disease and considers how these data might influence clinical practice.

Personalized Medicine in Oncology

Despite its promise, actual implementation of personalized medicine into oncology remains limited. What issues still need to be addressed before it can be fully integrated into clinical practice?

Is Homocysteine a CHD Risk Factor? The Genetic View

Dr. Michael Davidson discusses how a study looking at a genetic cause of elevated homocysteine levels might explain some of the links between homocysteine, folic acid supplementation, and CHD risk.

A Urinary Biomarker Associated With CYP2D6 Activity

CYP2D6 is crucial for the metabolism of many drugs, but currently phenotyping requires administration of a probe drug. Could a urinary biomarker provide a noninvasive method of CYP2D6 phenotyping?