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NCOA Postal Regulations

The NCOA, or National Change of Address, laws seek to ensure that less amounts of mail are delivered to the wrong people. When you move, you may not always forward your mail, which means that the places your mail formerly went to are still receiving your mail. This harms the efficiency of...

How to Sign Power of Attorney in Florida

Florida's Power of Attorney law allows a person to delegate his or her authority to make decisions (including the decision to enter into binding contracts) to another person. The exact powers or authorities contained in a Power of Attorney document may vary; the principal (the person giving the auth

States That Banned Smoking in Bars

Most states have implemented a smoking ban for most public places, in order to safeguard people from the secondhand smoke that can cause heart disease, cancer, emphysema and various other diseases. Almost all states prohibit smoking in schools, daycare and healthcare centers, although some allow smo

Green Card Through Work, Job, or Employment

If you want to get a U.S. green card based on your job in the United States, or if you are an employer that wants to sponsor someone for a green card, you must go through a multi-step process.This pro

California Law Felony Warrant Statutes of Limitation

If you or someone you know has been charged with a felony charge in the state of California, and you are concerned about the statute of limitations regarding that charge and warrant for arrest issued subsequent to the charge, there are a few points of law you should know.Issuance of...

How to Diagnose & Repair SSIS

SQL Server integration services (SSIS) is a feature that allows you to easily manage the information between your computer and any server connected via your network. Starting with Windows Vista, you can locate and resolve a problem with your SSIS with the "Diagnose & Repair" tool. This allows your c

OSHA Blast Room Ventilation Requirements

Blast rooms are the locations in an industrial plant where materials are blasted. These materials consist of substances that are used in heavy industries such as aircrafts, steel fabrication, commercial or military vehicle manufacturing and construction equipment. Working in a blast room...

How to Figure the SDI Tax on Paychecks for California

As a California employer, you must withhold and deduct State Disability Insurance, or SDI, tax from your employee's paychecks. The deduction is mandatory and your employees may not waive the requirement to contribute to the fund. Californians who become disabled by a non-work related incident may ap

The Duties of an Iowa Jurist

Juries are an integral part of the U.S. legal system.Justice image by Blue Moon from Fotolia.comThe United States Constitution guarantees each citizen the right to have charges against them tried by a jury of their peers. In the state of Iowa, as in all states of the union, average...

Definition of Wills

Wills are legal documents expressing people's preferences for how their estates are handled after they die. While many also use their wills as a last chance to communicate with loved ones, a will's primary purpose is to ease the transition on survivors (and the government) by providing for a quick,

Animal Legislation Grants

Donations to organizations dedicated to lobbying are not tax-deductible.salt lake city capitol image by Albo from Fotolia.comWhen discussing animal legislation, remember that not all non-profit organizations are able to advocate on behalf of animal laws, no matter how great the cause....

Rural Mail Box Regulations

Receptacles for newspapers may share the mailbox post if properly installed.mailbox image by palms from Fotolia.comThe United States Postal Service (USPS) has specific rules for rural mailboxes. These include what can be placed inside them as well as how the mailboxes should be installed....

Released on Bail Bonds: Personal Privacy

There was a time when getting arrested and released on bail bonds could be a private matter, shared only with family and close friends. With today's technology, that is slowly becoming the way of the ...

Tips on Good Employment Contract

It is a good idea to have an employment contract before you join a new workplace. Such a contract is not only beneficial for the employee, but also safeguards the interests of the employer.

New Jersey Notary Laws

Notaries perform a variety of services including confirming identities, authenticating signatures and administering oaths. Every state has its own laws regarding requirements to become a notary and what acts they can perform among other things. In New Jersey, the Division of Revenue---an...

California Child Endangerment Law

The California Child Endangerment Law is designed to protect the health and welfare of minor children and encourage people to report suspected child abuse to the authorities. Teachers, government employees, psychologists, psychiatrists, school guidance counselors, doctors and other professionals ar