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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder : Health & Medical

Cisco Courses: Covering a Wide Spectrum

Cisco courses at coursefox are designed to train both working people and aspirants in IT networking and other related areas. Coursefox is your professional and friendly Cisco Training Course Partner i

3 Important Things You Must Know About ADHD Issues

What have WWII soldiers, troops serving in Afghanistan and ADHD children got in common? Well, the troops are and were given amphetamines to keep them awake and fight fatigue and many ADHD children are

Mindful Awareness and ADHD

Learn about mindful awareness and how it can help adults with attention deficit disorder.


What is the AAP? Learn more about the AAP.

The Importance of Executive Functioning

Executive functioning skills are essential for all students, especially those with learning disabilities and/or ADD ADHD. Proper testing and intervention is key.

How To Learn About Controlling ADHD Without Medication

The first thing to learn about controlling ADHD without medication is that a multidisciplinary approach is by far the best way to cope with ADHD in children. In Northern Ireland, the Education Ministe

Are ADHD Pills The Answer For Hyperactive Kids ?

Most doctors prescribe ADHD pills such as amphetamines (Adderall, Ritalin and company), non stimulants (Srattera) or even an anti depressant (Welbutrin) for children with ADHD. The big problem is that


What is an IEP? Definition of IEP.