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How to Change the Battery on a Citizen Watch

Thousands of people around the world own one of the watches manufactured by Citizen. The company's been in existence for years and is known for quality and great performance. Even these watches need a new battery, especially after constant use for a few years.

Dress Design & Design Process

Dress Design ProcessDesigning a dress and the process it entails is specific to each individual. The general process can be applied to designing varied types of garments. Each designer has her own process; some work more hands-on solely using fabric, while others create their designs...

How to Store Leather Purses

Leather purses are the perfect complement to any wardrobe. Genuine leather purses are often an expensive investment, so it's important to care for them properly to maintain their natural beauty. Keeping your leather purses clean is crucial, but the way you store them is just as important. If you are

Cosmetic Mineral Recipe

The key ingredient of mineral makeup is mica, which is a term that refers to a group of natural minerals. Mica is purchased in powdered form and comes in a wide variety of colors. Making your own mineral makeup from mica and other ingredients can be a cost effective alternative to buying pricey mine

Skechers Outlet Stores in Utah

Looking for Skechers outlet stores in Utah? Have a look at this list of Skechers outlets in Utah, and while you're at it, you can check for other shoe outlet stores in the area.

How to Frost Your Bangs

Achieving professional-looking highlights at home is possible with a frosting or highlighting kit and easy-to-follow instructions. Whether you want a little frosting on your bangs or a lot, doing the job yourself will save you the cost of going to the salon, and you can get your own customized look.

How to Color Hair Lighter

Many women choose to lighten their hair, opting for changes from thin blonde highlights to fully blonde hair. Light tones in hair can help draw attention to your face and highlight your features. Light shades brighten and bring warmth to most skin tones. Whether you want a natural, sun-kissed look o

How to Shrink a Polyester Halloween Costume

Perhaps you have found the perfect Halloween costume, but it is one size too large. This would be an ideal situation for purposely shrinking the fabric. But while you want the costume smaller, you also want the fabric unharmed, so you can wear the costume. Many store-bought costumes are made of poly

Winter Boot Styles for 2010

Colder temperatures and summer's end are often cause for the winter blues, but taking a look at the many fashion possibilities that winter brings should put some spring in your step. In the case of winter 2010/2011, a wide array of boots are at the top of the list of winter trends. The huge assortme

How to Make Women's High Heels

The history of high heels goes back to 4,000 B.C. where depictions of them have been found on the walls of Egyptian temples and tombs. High heels are an easy way for a woman to lengthen her body and make her legs look slimmer. Most women enjoy a closet full of different colors and styles of high hee

How to Make a Ruby Amulet

Intended for magickal or spiritual purposes, an amulet is any type of charm or jewelry that gives you feelings of empowerment, focus or enlightenment. When they appear in amulets or spiritual practice, rubies symbolize the heart chakra and are intense symbols of fertility, happiness and noble decisi

How to Clean Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are easy to wear in a variety of situations and places. You can wear them on the beach or a camping trip; they are also convenient as shower shoes or for a quick trip to the store. Wearing flip-flops in such varied locations can cause them to get dirty very quickly. Cleaning your flip-fl

How to Limit Shaving Bumps

Nobody likes those little red and itchy bumps that can come up after shaving. The bumps, technically called pseudofolliculitis barbae, are ingrown hairs that the razor missed. The best way to prevent the bumps is to stop shaving, but if that is not an option, make a habit of shaving the right way al

Treebraids By Kaale: Clean Hair, And Reusing The Human Hair Used To Tree Braid

TREEBRAIDS- NJ, NY, PA:Treebraids by Kaale is getting so famous for her brand that we constantly get calls from people asking whether they can reuse the human hair that they previously used for treebraids.These women act very surprised when they find out the real answer, so Treebraids by Kaale feels

The Disadvantages of Cotton Fibers

Many shoppers choose to buy cotton fiber clothing. It is inexpensive, comes in a myriad of colors and is comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, cotton fibers have many disadvantages, which should be considered before purchasing clothing made of the material. Comfort is an important consideration when c

How to Make a Head Dress With Tea Leaves

Tea leaves come from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is native to Asia and grows in the warmer parts of the world. The leaves are dark green, pointed and shiny, and could be used for decorative purposes if you are careful. If you want to make a headdress using tea leaves, you may not have much lu

What Kills Mold in Purses?

Mold build is a very common problem as purses and handbags age. With care, you can remove mold and mildew and get a few more years of life out of your favorite purse.

How To Drop Decades From Your Face?

Of course, we women desire to look beautiful and young. Although we age, we like to look gorgeous and what's wrong about this? You desire to look good for you, for your beloved and for everyone related to you. Right? Wish to know how to get younger looking skin?

Zang Toi, Fall '06

See the photos from the Zang Toi, at Fashion Week Fall '06.