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The Cure for Diabetes, Really!

Diabetes research at Massachusetts General Hospital makes headway for the cure of Type 1 diabetes.Although controversial, the research has a 67% cure rate.

Ten Tips to Help Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Are you interested in knowing about some foods that will lead to lower blood sugar levels without using medications? If you are, here is a list of foods that not only will lower your blood sugar level, but are enjoyable to eat as well... and you are actually adding to your diet not restricting, or t

Cancer Drugs That Treat Diabetes

Researchers have reported that Gleevec, a wonder drug that has effectively treated leukemia and other cancers, may reverse Type 1 Diabetes too. These experiments were conducted on mice and it has been observed that not only did it prevent and cure diabetes, but also led to long term remission of dia

Why You Should Take Vitamin Supplements That Prevent Diabetes

The number of people with diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate each year, with 24 million cases in the United States in 2008. This is certainly enough to explain why you should take vitamin supplements that prevent diabetes. Diabetes cause the blood sugar or glucose level to increase in the bo

Diabetic Nephropathy and Kidneys

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of diabetic nephropathy and kidneys including medical references, news, pictures, videos, and more.

What Types of Liquid Foods Are Included on an Intake & Output Record?

Fluid balance in the body is delicate: too much -- liquid output; too little -- constipation. Imbalance may cause dehydration, which may lead to minor bowel problems, even death. When you are ill, your health care team often keeps record of your input and output in order to keep your fluid balance o

Sign Of High Blood Sugar

There is basically two types of diabetes - Type 1 and Type 2. There is another kind called gestational diabetes, but it only occurs in pregnant women. Type 1 diabetes is mostly genetic and is caused by a decrease in insulin produced in the body. Type 2 diabetes on the other hand is caused by resista

Natural Ways To Control Diabetes

There is no cure available for diabetes although the pharmaceutical companies invest billions of dollars yearly to find a cure as soon as possible. Therefore, it is very important to find an alternative way to treat and prevent an increase in the blood glucose level if you want to lead a relative he

What Exactly is Diabetes and How to Control It

There are millions of individuals around the world that experience the devastating effects of diabetes. While this health condition normally involves an individual's sugar levels, it is mostly a condition in which the metabolism levels in the body are disrupted. In this article, you will learn

Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Helped With Diet & Exercise?

Ninety to 95 percent of diabetics have Type 2 diabetes, formally known as adult onset diabetes. It usually occurs in people over 40, though, recently doctors are finding more cases of Type 2 diabetes in children. Even though Type 2 diabetes can occur from an inactive lifestyle and poor eating habits

Yoga For Better Diabetes Regulation

Learn more facts about yoga for better diabetes regulation and improved health. By controlling your blood sugar levels you will have more energy and zest for life. The practice of yoga has been around for many centuries.

Smart Dietary Guidelines For Diabetics

You will find that doctors will send you to a dietitian the moment they diagnose you with diabetes. A dietitian will guide you in such a way that you can eat healthier and control the sugar or glucose levels within your blood.

Diabetes Type 1 and 2 - Signs, Symptoms, Causes

Nearly 200 million people in the world suffer from type I or type II diabetes. The number continues to grow with an alarming number of young people being affected by type II. Anyone with either type has an increased risk of heart and vascular diseases along with other complications.

HBA1C Test - Hemoglobin A1C Diabetes Test

The term HB refers to hemoglobin which is a protein found in the blood; it is responsible for the red coloration of blood; its main purpose is to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the cells. Hemoglobin is further classified as 'A' meaning adult type and this is further isolated c

Adult Type 2 Diabetes - Some Facts About the Disease

Adult type 2 diabetes, also known as adult onset diabetes and non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, is the most common type of diabetes. It is estimated that about seven percent of the U.S. population suffers from the disease and it is the sixth leading cause of death.