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How to Live With a Urostomy

A urostomy is an opening in the abdomen created during in surgeries when the bladder needs to be removed or urine re-routed. A cystectomy is the surgery used to remove the bladder entirely. While it does take time, urostomy patients are able to completely return to normal life and can still enjoy ac

How to Prepare a Contingency Plan

The news seems to be filled with tales of natural disasters that devastate lives and destroy property. You can't foresee accidents or control the weather, but you may be able to minimize damage and safeguard your family by making a contingency plan to deal with the unexpected. Whether it's fire, flo

How to Dig Out a Dirt Cellar

If the cellar or basement in your house is made of dirt, feel fortunate that you will not have to break up and remove a concrete floor. This is the case if you plan to dig out the floor in an effort to raise the ceiling height of the cellar ceiling. The process of digging out a basement floor is mor

Kindergarten Bike Safety

Bicycling can be a fun outdoor activity for kindergartners, but there are some safety concerns parents should be aware of. Guidelines on equipment, clothing and riding should be followed to make sure your little one is protected when cycling. Some tips and guidelines can help ensure your child is as

Types of Fire Sprinkler Valves

Fire sprinkler valves control the flow of water within sprinkler systems.Sprinkler image by Wolfgang Koser from Fotolia.comFire sprinkler systems include specialized pipes connected to a water supply. Whenever a fire is detected by a sprinkler system's sensors, water is transferred...

Eye Protection Regulations

Eye protection regulations are important to keep workers safe from injury.Helmet image by Hedgehog from Fotolia.comEye protection is a vital part of workplace safety in many different professions. Construction workers and lab employees are two positions where eye protection must be worn...

How to Treat Bleeding Wounds

Whether wounds are minor or more serious, it is always important to stop the bleeding and treat the wound. You should seek medical attention if a wound is deep and the blood flow is heavy. You can stanch the heavy blood flow, however, or treat minor wounds and bleeding at home.

How to Treat Chemical Burns of The Eye

chemical burns, weather coming from and acidic or alkali chemical can cause serious injury to the eye if proper care is not taken. Children often get into places where they should not be and unfortunately can come into contact with chemicals that are not safe for them. With a few easy steps I will

Elevator Door Injuries

While elevators are among the safest modes of transportation, improper maintenance and mistakes made by passengers can lead to injuries and even deaths. This article contains information on the demographic most likely to be seriously injured by elevator doors--children-- and also discusses elevator-

How to Treat Formica

Treating Formica surfaces with a protective wax compound is the best way to keep its factory shine and avoid damaging it. Of course, protecting the surface involves constantly remembering to use hot pads and cutting boards to protect the surface from cuts and burns. Prior to treating the surface, it

Image of the Month: The Brugada Syndrome

Advice on diagnosing and treating the Brugada syndrome using the case of a 31-year-old Chinese man who presents to the ED after a syncopal episode.

How to Transfer a Patient by Gurney

If you plan to train as a hospital aide, you must prepare for the times when you will need to transfer a patient by gurney. When a patient has undergone a painful injury or surgery or experiences illness, the aide must move the patient with the utmost care and skill. If you follow accepted procedure

How to Find a Doctor

Choosing the right physician for you and your family is an important decision, so research and investigate carefully.

Disposable Surgical Instruments

Surgeons use disposable surgical tools only once.Ready for surgery image by DGGallery from Fotolia.comSurgeons use specialty tools for performing specific actions during surgery. Some operating tools are designed for general use, while others are designed for a specific procedure or...