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Hematopathy & blood disease : Health & Medical

Gynecologic Cancer

The findings of these articles support the continued role of platinum-based therapy for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

GI Cancer

These studies confirm the fact that we are making progress in treating colorectal cancer.

Sweetness Guide to Mandarin Oranges

When you're yearning for a sugary treat that is low in calories, portable and packed with vitamins, you might want to try mandarin oranges. In fact, Dr. Andrew Weil says on his website that you can use the glycemic index to guide you to sweet goodies--such as mandarins--that are actually good for yo

Over the Counter Herbs to Cure High Blood Sugar

A few spices and herbs are known to lower blood sugar levels. Many can, conveniently, be found in tea form, and are sometimes labeled as being specifically designed for diabetics or for those otherwise wanting to control blood sugar levels. It is of the utmost importance that you let your physician

Hypoglycemic Symptoms and Diet

People who are hypoglycemic experience lower than normal blood sugar levels. This results in symptoms such as hunger, lightheadedness, increased heartbeat, sweating, apprehension and confusion. These symptoms are a direct result of having blood sugar that is too low. This usually occurs after someon

The Importance of Checking Potassium Levels

Abnormalities in serum potassium levels can indicate a serious medical condition. Talk to your doctor about how often you need to have your potassium levels checked.

What Are the Disadvantages of Fat Hydrogenation?

Hydrogenation is the process of treating a substance with hydrogen. Hydrogenated fats are the results of widespread food processing in the food industry, designed to prolong the shelf life of food and decrease spoilage. Hydrogenated fats are solid at room temperature, unlike natural plant and animal

The Specifications of an LG 42-inch Plasma

At the time of publication, LG Electronics -- the flagship arm of South Korean consumer electronics manufacturer LG Corp. and one of the world's largest television manufacturers -- has a plasma TV in production with a 42-inch screen called the LG 42PT350. With a manufacturer's suggested retail price

Nicotine Products' Effect on Blood Vessels

Nicotine can affect the blood vessels in the human body in several ways. For the most part, nicotine's effect upon blood vessels is negative; but, perhaps surprisingly, there's also a positive effect that in the future may cause nicotine to be used as a therapeutic drug.The BadFor users...

Uses of Banaba

Banaba---also known as the giant crape myrtle---is a tree native to Southeast Asia, where it has long been used in traditional medicine. Banaba has recently gained some renown in the West due to several studies that indicate it may be able to mediate some of the complications of diabetes and has an

Food & Herbs That Lower Blood Sugar Levels

People with diabetes often have to take shots to lower blood sugar levels.needles image by Douglas McLaughlin from Fotolia.comMany foods and herbs have proven effective in lowering blood sugar levels. High levels of blood sugar are a problem for many people, such as diabetics, who may...

Not All Diuretics Are Created Alike

Not all diuretics are the same. Some are better for treating high blood pressure, whereas others are better for the treatment of edema. Understanding the basics can help you talk with your doctor about which class may be right for you.

What Are the Treatments for Myelofibrosis?

Myelofibrosis is a disorder of the bone marrow that results in scarring of the marrow tissue. This scarring can lead to fatigue, weakness and an enlarged spleen and liver. The disorder can progressively get worse so treatment of symptoms is important for your daily well-being.

How to Naturally Improve Circulation Problems

Many people need or want to improve their circulation, especially the many people that suffer from circulation problems. The circulation system is complex, and lots of lifestyle factors can influence the circulation system, along with genetics. Most people don't want to take prescription medications