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How Do You Get to the Puppet in "Saw" for PS3?

The original "SAW" game for PS3 did not feature a lot of Billy, Jig Saw's creepy puppet, but this changed with the sequel "SAW II: Flesh and Blood." In the game, there are seven hidden Billy puppets that players can locate to unlock extra clues in the game and earn achievements on the PS3. Find all

Crafts for your Kids

Are your kids bored? Here are some craft projects for your children.

Holiday Bonding with Children

Kids love the thrill in holidays and look forward to action packed fun, drama and yummy treats. There is only one side-effect of such pleasure trips and that is emotional bonding with your child. One is much at peace during holidays as the chores are not routine and there is time to unwind. Enhance

Bassinet Alternatives

Parents can choose from several bassinet alternatives when a baby is small.baby sleeping image by Tatyana Gladskih from Fotolia.comConsumer Reports claims that there's no reason a baby has to sleep in a crib for the first four to five months of life. Bassinets are a popular bed choice for...

Lasting Fun and Learning With Wooden Educational Toys

Some might argue that any toy is educational, because when a child is at play that child is experiencing, exploring, sensing, and therefore learning. However, many child development experts and parents agree that wooden educational toys provide children with a superior experience of learning through

Find Knysna Forest And Restaurant

This included a homecoming ferry trip over the Knysna Lagoon, a nature disc drive and additionally guided walk through typically reserve ending through a scrumptious buffet lunch at just the Food Forest restaurant.

Is Co-Sleeping With Your Baby Right For You?

Sometimes, out of necessity, co-sleeping with your baby can seem like the only solution to getting some sleep when you have a newborn or young baby. Co-sleeping with your baby can seem like a good temporary or long term solution depending on your situation and overall parenting philosophy. However,

The First Step to Raising Happy Kids

I don't know about you but there are times when I have wanted to pull my hair out. How can I raise happy and confident kids when everyone "out there" is telling them they need all this stuff, or they need to look this way, or act this way before they can even consider it? And in my ex

An Occasion To Play

There's a fine line between imagination and chaos and often that fine line is drawn at a very young age when children are learning to use their imagination to fulfill wild visions of grandeur. When structure is given to these play times it can be a rewarding experience for both the child and th

Why You Need Free Baby Stuff!

You may not know that there is a website designed to help get new parents off to a good start by providing free stuff. Free baby stuff to be exact. This site has links that ...

Mental Health - Craziness Prevention For Parents and Teens

Even if you don't want to care about your dreams everyday, you must have the basic knowledge about how to fight off craziness, since it is a danger that is constantly threatening you and everyone else. You have to be a balanced parent, so that you can give a balanced education to your kids. You

New Baby Shower Theme Party Supplies For Your Baby Shower

All the new baby shower theme party supplies this year are so cute. The hardest part of planning that baby shower is going to be deciding on your shower theme. You are going to have lots of fun planning this shower. Just take a look at the party supplies and theme ideas you have to choose from.