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Whooping Cough Increasing Among Teens

A newly published survey shows that fewer than one in five parents of teens questioned considered whooping cough an illness of concern, despite the fact that outbreaks in middle and high schools have increased in recent years.

Adult Vaccination: New Guidelines

The CDC has updated its adult vaccination schedule to recommend the herpes zoster vaccine (shingles vaccine) for everyone 60 and older.

Should Vaccination Be a Personal Choice?

As a measles outbreak linked to two Disney parks in California continues to spread, a backlash against parents who refuse or delay vaccination for their children has risen to a fever pitch.

Meningitis Vaccines

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of meningitis vaccines including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

New Myths About the Measles Vaccine

As measles creeps across the U.S., public health officials have urged everyone to get vaccinated against the highly contagious disease. Some have questioned that advice, though, finding new reasons to fear the MMR shot, which protects against measles, mumps, and rubella.

Vaccine Information Statements-Topic Overview

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) makes Vaccine Information Statements (VISs), which have details about most vaccines given in the United States.The information in these statements does not change often. The VISs are updated when needed. But the VISs are usually updated sometime a