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Natural Sources of Nitric Oxide

Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty ImagesNitric oxide is a naturally occurring, free radical gas produced in the bodies of humans and other mammals. Nitric oxide can increase the level of blood flow to the heart, improving overall health. Because the health benefits of increased nitric oxide...

How to Buy the Acai Berry Retail

Since its mainstream appearance in recent years, the acai (pronounced uh-sah-ee) berry and products derived from this so-called wonder food have been the superstars of the nutritional supplement world. Much of the success of the acai berry is due to the high concentration of nutrients, minerals, and

List of Foods Very High in Resistant Starch

Firm bananas are one of the best sources of resistant starch.bananas image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.comFor years, dieters have been trying to cut their carbs to lose weight. In spite of this, recent studies suggest that certain types of carbohydrate-heavy foods can actually help...

How to Use Menhaden Oil for Fishing

Menhaden oil is fish oil, which is said to draw fish to an area and to make for easier fishing. Since it’s oil, it diffuses through the water without dissolving into it, and fish that otherwise would be too far from your bait to pay attention to it will be able to sense that there is food near

What to Avoid for a Sulfa Allergy

Sulfa drugs have been used for decades as an inexpensive way to treat bacterial and fungal infections. In some, they can cause allergic reactions that can be life threatening.

Facts about Paper Recycling

When you look at a piece of paper, you may not think of where it came from or the impact it has on the environment. Paper is constantly used, and a majority of the time not recycled. By recycling, you help the environment and create new items for human consumption.

At Home Physical Therapy Programs for COPD

Stethoscope to Detect Wheezingstethoscope image by dinostock from Fotolia.comCOPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, can respond well to physical therapy programs practiced at home. In a comparison performed by American College of Chest Physicians, results showed that patients who...

The Pay for a Director of Geriatric Activities

Professionals with a sincere desire to help others, and previous experience developing social or recreational programs can consider a job as a director of geriatric activities. Directors of geriatric activities typically work in medical centers or elderly care facilities and create activity programs

What Is a GMP Environment?

Good manufacturing practice--otherwise known as GMP--guidelines have been established by the U.S Food and Drug Administration to uphold standards outlined for the manufacturing of drugs and other products.

The Direct Causes of Freshwater Pollution

Nearly 70 percent of the earth is covered by water, yet freshwater makes up a very small fraction --- only 2.5 percent of total volume. The Clean Water Act of 1972 regulates the release of pollutants into U.S. waterways and prohibits the discharge of pollutants unless the discharger obtains a permit

Recycled Water Process

First StageGoing green is not only a smart and logical choice for many, but is in vogue, as many companies now proudly offer environmentally friendly goods. Nearly everything man-made, from metal and plastics to cooking oil and clothes, can be broken down to their basic elements before...

How to Make It Yourself: Natural Detoxifiers

A natural detoxifier refers to a food intended to purge the body of harmful toxins that have built up over time in our digestive, lymph, and gastrointestinal systems, causing problems like tiredness, headaches, and other ailments. The reported benefits of following a detox regime include more energ

How to Use Coconut Oil Transdermally

Coconut oil is an excellent body massage oil. Virgin coconut oil is a solid at room temperature; heating the oil slightly causes it to melt. Coconut oil applied transdermally quickly absorbs into the skin and is especially beneficial to the hair and scalp. It has a positive effect on burns, rashes

Herbal Home Remedies to Quickly Flush Fat

Programs for quickly flushing fat are intended increase to your metabolism and weight loss. Using some home remedies, perhaps even using herbs you grow yourself, can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and long-term weight maintenance. While herbal capabilities are not necessarily substantiated by

How to Look Up Information on Food & Nutrition

In today's world of diets, supplements, food crazes and health fads, people are becoming more concerned about their food intake and eating habits. This leaves them thirsting for knowledge, and they are often led on wild goose chases trying to find out information on how much protein they need, how m

Hand Massage Techniques

We take advantage of our hands consistently, since we use them for many tasks on a daily basis. We put constant stress and strain on our hands. One way to relieve the stress is to get a hand massage. Whether you do it yourself or have someone massage your hands for you, you will feel the tension in

Herbs for Respiratory Health

Coughs and other respiratory illnesses have long plagued mankind. However, despite significant advances in medicine, health officials are surprised by the fact that allergies and asthma are now nearly as common as the cold itself. What's more, the Centers for Disease Control says they're only expect

May a Hospital Require a Social Security Number Before Providing Treatment?

Even when hospitals require other forms of identification such as name, address or birth date before providing treatment, giving hospitals your Social Security number is a voluntary act. Your Social Security number is information a hospital can use to provide proper service, coordinate with insurers

List of Foods Containing Low Carbs

Most meats have 0 grams of carbssteak image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comWhen beginning a low carb diet, it can seem like you can't eat anything since a significant amount of carbohydrates are eliminated from your diet. Foods that are higher in simple carbohydrates (sugar, white bread,...