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Loss of Hearing: Are You Next in Line?

Anyone who takes their hearing for granted needs to stop and think twice about how lucky they are to have it in place. Loss of hearing is considered the third most common problem relating to an individual's health in the United States, not to mention it is on the rise right now.

Tinnitus Medication

On a brink of tearing your ears out because of all that constant buzzing sound around your ears? You may have a case of Tinnitus, an insufferable, bothersome condition that will probably get the better of you. While you do not have to get desperate all over it, try to have you ears examined first be

Treatment for Fluid in Ears

According to the Mayo Clinic, fluid accumulation in the ears often starts with a viral infection. When fluid gets trapped in the middle ear, it may cause an ear infection, which can be very painful. Symptoms of this condition include a fever of 100 degrees or higher, clear fluid draining from the ea

How to Check the Middle Ear for an Infection

A middle ear infection is the most common illness among children according to the Mayo Clinic. A middle ear infection, if not treated, can create severe complications including complete hearing loss. There are ways to check for an ear infection at home, but it is highly recommended to seek medical a

7 Sample Steps to Treat Tinnitus

It can be annoying and irritating to hear ringing or buzzing noises inside your ears. If your noise lasts longer than a couple of minutes and doesn't disappear, it could be tinnitus. Tinnitus might be brought on by damage to your ears, which may be irreversible.

Treatments For Tinnitus - Stop the Ringing Ears Naturally

According to the research done by ATA (American Tinnitus Association), more than 65 million people suffer from tinnitus and out of them only 10 million are critical cases that need assistance. Persons suffering from tinnitus often wonder how to get relief from it. Nowadays, there are many tinnitus r

When Is Tinnitus Not Tinnitus?

Ringing in the ears usually isn't something to be concerned about. But sometimes, this bothersome condition, known as tinnitus, can be more than just a mere aggravation. If you have a ringing, buzzing, roaring or ticking sound in your ears that won't go away, you may have tinnitus - or som

How to Install Ear Plugs

Our world seems to be getting noisier each day with blaring music in bars and nightclubs, ear piercing construction work, whirring from lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and the steady hum of traffic. Once damage has been done to your hearing, it cannot be reversed. It is therefore crucial to wear protect

How to Prevent the Elderly From Misplacing Hearing Aids

While helping to take care of an older relative or client, keeping him from misplacing items can sometimes be frustrating. This is especially true when the item enables him to hear. Your older relative's or client's ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important things that enables

Tinnitus Treatments - Treatment Options to Try For Ringing in the Ears

Often, the cause of ringing in the ears is something really simple. One example of this type of cause is a buildup of excess wax in the ears. If this is causing your ringing ears, the treatment might be as easy as your doctor removing that excess wax. In some cases, medications that are only availab

Tinnitus Miracle Review - Secret Substance That Stops Symptoms

Suffering from tinnitus is extremely distressing and, if anybody anywhere can provide permanent relief from this condition then the money you have paid will have been well worthwhile. To be quite honest, if I were a tinnitus sufferer and I was being offered even temporary relief, I would jump at it!

Stop My Ears Ringing - 3 Simple Home Remedies You Can Use Today

If you are someone who suffers from tinnitus or ringing ears you will no doubt be able to identify with the plea "stop my ears ringing". The incessant, unrelenting noise of tinnitus affects almost everything we victims of it do. It even invades our sleep, in fact it destroys our sleep and

Herbal Remedies For Tinnitus - 5 Foods That Ease Tinnitus Symptoms

If you're a tinnitus sufferer like me, you've probably tried plenty of different tinnitus therapies to ease your symptoms. The annoying ringing in your ears can really hurt your quality of life, and can even be dangerous - one of my episodes occurred just before an emergency vehicle drove

How to Find a Good Hearing Center

There are a number of things to look for when trying to find a hearing center. You should try to get a recommendation from someone that you trust, find an office that fits within your price range, and choose an office with highly qualified doctors.

Ear Surgery Improves Hearing and Aesthetics

Ear surgery is used for two reasons. It can be used for hearing loss purposes, and it can also be used as a reconstructive process for people that have deformities or other problems.

How to Take an Earring Out

Removing an earring is a simple process. Most traditional earrings have a stud connected to the earring. The stud attaches to the backing through a small groove, or with a snap fastener. Some studs are curved and slip right into the ear without needing a backing. After getting an earring put in, tak

Know More About Protecting Your Ears

Start saving your hearing by turning down the stereo, being careful with those cotton swabs, and taking a look at some sound advice I have for you. When you go to the store the next time, go ahead and grab some earplugs.

Ear Deformities Are Treatable

There is a wide range of issues that a child can be born with: some babies have issues with a cleft palate, others may be lacking in digits of the hands or feet. It is fairly common for children to be born with ear deformities as well. These can be upsetting and scary when first encountered, but in