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Differences Between Male and Female Birds

While the genders of bird species are not always easy to tell apart, it is often possible to determine which birds are male or female by size, plumage, color, song and behavior. Many bird species are dimorphic (males and females are visibly different); in species where females and males are not dimo

How to Make Model Airplane Decals

It's fun to decorate model airplanes with water-slide decals. But sometimes it's hard to find images that you really like on commercially produced decal sheets. You can quickly and easily create your own decals from images that you truly like. All it takes is a little work on your PC and ink-jet or

How to Make Cherokee Crafts

The Cherokee people are a Native American tribe whose territories originally included southwest Virginia, western North Carolina, northeast Alabama, north Georgia, east Tennessee and South Carolina. Their language had three main dialects based on region. The Cherokee nation now mainly resides in Okl

Computerized Wood Cutting

Woodcutting skill and the resulting products have existed for centuries, but when combined with modern technology the process expands both in capability and capacity. With a computer guiding the wood-cutting mechanism, crafters can utilize computer-aided drawings to produce highly detailed wood prod

How to Calculate the Rate at Which the Moon Orbits the Earth

Learn to calculate the speed at which the moon orbits the Earth using Johannes Kepler's Third Law. Kepler's Third Law states that the square of the time required for a satellite to orbit is proportional to the cube of the distance the satellite lies from the planet. Kepler originally determined the

How to Build a Photo & Video Website

New business owners have to wear many hats. One of the hats that they juggle is the advertising hat, which now days means building a professional and visually attractive website to advertise products or services and maintaining it. To be effective and competitive in today's marketplace, it's paramou

How to Make a Willow Flute

A willow whistle is an easy-to-make musical instrument that children and adults have enjoyed for hundreds of years. Willow whistles produce a surprising number of musical sounds. Willow whistles are fun to make and play. You can make a willow whistle yourself in just a few easy steps and within almo

Colt .45 Safety

The Colt .45 is a M1911 pistol produced by the Colt Manufacturing Company. The pistol is classified as a semi-automatic handgun and is commonly used by the U.S. armed forces. The Colt .45 was first produced in 1927 on a contract with the Argentine Commission for Foreign Acquisitions. The Colt .45 pi

Toxin Vs. Toxoid

While toxins and toxoids are similar in structure, their purposes could not be more at odds. While nature produces toxins to harm or kill an unwanted organism, a toxoid is a synthetic compound created to give animals and people a long-term resistance to toxins. Scientists create toxoids from the ori

How to Build a Texas Horseshoe Box

Replace heavy iron horseshoes with inexpensive hardware washers for a backyard throwing game the entire family can enjoy outdoors in Texas Horseshoes. Texas Horseshoes uses wooden boxes with holes as targets for players to throw the washers into and score points. Younger children can stand closer to

How to Tile a Wood Table Top

Adding a new surface to an old table is a great way to give the table a new purpose. Tiles are excellent for adding new interest to a plain wooden table. Tiles come in a variety of colors, finishes and even sizes. With the many different options available, you can create a simple one-color tile tabl

Basic Gunsmithing Tools

Guns large and small require repair and the proper tools.The gun image by yaros from Fotolia.comGunsmithing can be a rewarding hobby for anyone who enjoys detailed precision work. Like any work on a mechanical device, it requires the proper tools. Every model of gun requires its own...

DIY Garden Features

Garden features can be whimsical, useful, colorful and decorative. You can create features for any size garden using planters, a few craft supplies or even an old bowling ball. Provide a refreshing activity for backyard birds, add serenity to the space with a small fountain or make a gazing ball tha

Fun Things to Do to Wood Fires

Fire is a dangerous force that commands a healthy level of respect, but you can still have a little fun around one. Keep in mind that fires are hot and you shouldn't throw random objects into them. A responsible adult should supervise any activities that involve getting close to the fire.

How to Calculate Discharge Rate of Air Compressor

Calculate the rate a compressor discharges air to be able to determine the time required to inflate objects. An air compressor utilizes a motor and fan system to create a difference in pressure, which forces air out through a hose. The flow rate of a compressor is measured in how many cubic inches o

How to Make a Paper Trophy Stand

Making a trophy stand just out of paper would not work, as the weak structure of the paper stand would be crushed beneath the weight of a trophy. But if you use the paper sculpture technique of paper mache, you will be able to make a strong supportive trophy stand that should stand the test of time.

Solar System Matter

The solar system is composed of liquids, solids, gases and a substance known as dark matter. At the center of it all is the sun, a star with a diameter 109 times larger than that of Earth. The sun contains 99.85 percent of all matter in the solar system, according to the "Solar Views" website. The o

How to Tell What Model a Land Rider Bike Is

LandRider bikes are lightweight mountain bikes with fat tires and a comfortable design aimed at casual riders. They are the top direct-sell bicycles in the U.S., according to the LandRider website. These bikes feature a patented AutoShift design and come in five different models for both men and wom

Cost-To-Benefit Ratio

Calculating the cost-to-benefit ratio of a project helps you decide whether that project is worth pursuing. Also referred to as benefit-to-cost ratio -- same idea, different order -- this ratio is one element of a larger discipline, cost-benefit analysis, or CBA, which attempts to determine the econ