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Panel Boards

Are you looking remodeling your house and need tips for buying the best panel boards? This article will tell you all you need to know about panel boards and installation.

How to Troubleshoot an Element That's Out on a Glass-Top Stove

The elements on your glass-top stove, located below the surface, may malfunction or fail completely after regular use. Each individual element has an infinite switch that is used to turn it on as well as set the proper temperature. If the element stops functioning, the first step is to determine if

New York Appliance Repair

Appliance doctor is the trusted name in New York City appliance repair and is the appliance repair specialist of choice for more than 500 residential apartment complexes and management firms throughout the city.

What Is Involved With Replacing an Air Conditioner & Duct Work?

If you're not a motivated do-it-yourselfer, the easiest way to replace a central air conditioner and duct work is to call a professional, though labor for a job like that can be expensive. On the other hand, if you're ready to jump in and just do it, the project should not be overwhelming, though th

How to Change the Belt on a Maytag Neptune

The Maytag Neptune is a reliable appliance and great addition to any home. Parts will fail on from time to time on all appliances including the Maytag Neptune washer. The most often replaced part on washers is the belt. Once you learn how to change the belt on a Maytag Neptune washer you will have y

Criteria to Choose a Best DVD Recorder

People tend to store either images to cherish or official data for future reference. They usually step into DVD's because of their reliability and durability. There are currently seven different DVD recorder formats available.

Spotting a Substandard Electrical Contractor

Unfortunately, choosing the right contractor can be a rather intensive job that can quickly leave you in information overload. Choosing a contractor may not be such an easy task. One contractor may have a seemingly higher level of polish and customer service, while another is a bit rougher, but came

My Hotpoint Freezer Stopped Working

Hotpoint refrigerators and freezers, manufactured by General Electric Corporation, come in various sizes and offer standard features such as temperature-controlled crispers, quiet operation and large door shelves. While most Hotpoint appliances will work well with standard maintenance and care, prob

How to Fix a Maytag Dryer That Has The Light On But Doesn't Start

Lights but no action -- your Maytag dryer could be malfunctioning due to a programming or electrical fault. Finding a solution will involve ruling out the most common problems by process of elimination. Most starting problems involve the main electricity supply or the control panel. The exact locati

The Secret Life of Warranties

Warranties can be a contentious issue. Read the story that follows and know when your warranty starts and finishes. Only use a manufactuer's authorised repairer to repair broken appliances.

Advantage of Convection Vs. Micro Ovens

Microwave ovens have become a staple of kitchens since their invention in 1946. Their widespread use has revolutionized the entire food industry, changing the way people plan meals, buy and prepare food and even store food. It has changed the restaurant industry in the same ways, enabling restaurant

How to Check the Thermostat in a Fridge

The defrost thermostat of your fridge automatically defrosts your freezer. It also keeps your refrigerator running at a consistent temperature to prevent overheating of the unit, which can cause leaks, food spoilage and potentially a breakdown of the condenser unit. The thermostat is a small coil th

How to Repair a Washer Machine Pump

Repairing a washing machine pump is a job that can be done in less than an hour. The water pump interior parts can occasionally wear out, causing the washer not to fill with water in the wash tub. Replacing the water pump is the most efficient and cost-effective way to repair the problem. You can re

How to Replace the Belt on a Frigidaire Dryer

Occasionally, the belt on a Frigidaire dryer will need to be replaced because of wear and tear on the material. Because the belt is in constant movement during operation of the dryer, it can get worn out or even break. You can replace the belt yourself in less than an hour and save the expense and t

General Contractors In Ocala Fl

{Sauer and Sons is your all purpose residential refurbishing and property rehabilitation company serving the greater Marion County and Central Florida area. Don't fret about hiring separate contractors for your home's projects. We have expanded in order to serve you better, but we have nev

How Does a Gas Dryer Work?

The Components of a DryerAlthough some may cost a lot more or look a lot prettier, behind the scenes, most gas dryers feature the same, simple components. These include a rotating tumbler, a gas-powered heater and an exhaust vent.Where the Heat Comes FromGas dryers work just like...

How to Fix Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioners that have stopped working or are not functioning properly may need some repairs. You should be able to handle simple maintenance and repairs yourself; otherwise, bigger problem require the services of a qualified air conditioner repair person. The first step is determining t

How to Install Plastic Septic Junction Boxes

Plastic septic junction boxes have advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage is that a plastic box is not quite as strong as a solid steel reinforced concrete junction box. Concrete boxes are used in most commercial areas, especially where there is a lot of vehicle activity. You can use plasti

My Frigidaire Affinity Has a Pause Error

The Frigidaire Affinity washing machine may display an error code on the display panel if something goes wrong during operation. One of these is a “PAU” error code, which means that there was a problem that caused the washer to pause. Figuring out what is causing the PAU error code and s

Save Money With Heil Heat Pumps

A Heil heat pump is the perfect choice for homeowners looking to save money on heating and cooling. In this case, one machine does the work of two. When a home needs to be heated, it pulls in air and heats it up. When a home needs to be cooled down, the process is reversed. Money is saved by only...