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How to Start a Book Club

Are you a bibliophile? Do you devour a book when you first get it, refusing to put it down until you've read the last word? Do you have problems finding people to share the love of books with? You can learn how to start a book club, and that might be just the thing for you.

A Brief History of Atlas Model Trains

Atlas model trains started out as Atlas Tool Company, which was founded by Stephen Schaffan Sr. in 1924. The owner of the company did what any other small business owner of the day would do and asked his teenage son to work in the family store. Stephan Schaffan Junior had a different passion in life

Handmade Dippity Glass Flowers

Dippity Glass crafts is one of the popular hobbies back in the 70s. It is also known as "Wire Dip Craft", "Dip It Fantasy Film", "Dippity Glass", "Formafilm" and "Fun Film". However the products for this craft now is almost nowhere to be found now.

Where to Learn Sewing Pattern Drafting

There are people who love to wear customized clothes which will also have the touch of a designer. This kind of a dress is a dream for every woman.

Craft Fairs - How To Make Sure You Make a Profit Off Your Home Knitting

I find that knitting is so pleasant and relaxing that it is an added plus when my home knitting can actually be made profitable. However, at this point in time, I want to cover that "unspoken topic" of pricing. Whether we want to admit it or not, our prices for our home knitting should cov

Looking For a Hobby? Try Gold Coin Collecting

Gold coin collecting is not only enjoyable, but it can be a lucrative investment in your future. Gold is the one resource (not a consumable good) that cannot be created or man made, and cannot be destroyed. Add to that the fact that it increases in value over time, unlike paper money, which fluctuat

Why Does Everybody Have the Dale Earnhardt Diecast?

Dale Earnhardt diecast cars are some of the most popular, even ten years after his final race. The reason for this is simple: Earnhardt was one of a kind. No matter what happens in the future, Earnhardt remains a legend of the game.

Sewing a Hobby or Profitable Business?

Sewing can is a great hobby which can lead to a profitable business. Learning to sew is fun and allows people to be as creative as they want.

How to Hem Pants Or a Skirt

It happens at inopportune times-the hem comes out of your skirt. Or you find the perfect pants, but the hem is three inches below the bottom edge of your highest heels. You shout at the sky and curse the fact that you didn't pay attention in home ec class (if your school even HAD home ec class)

Save The Date Cards

Save the date cards are quite useful for your upcoming wedding since they tell you how many people will be present in the wedding. The cards will help your guest get ready for the wedding date at an earlier time.

How to Make a Hatbox

Cut a round base for the hatbox. The diameter of the base should be the diameter of the box overall, so decide beforehand how big you want it to be.

Kylix Type B

Ancient Greek pottery kylix, or wdie drinking cup in the Type B style, which has a longer, thinner base stem.

Moose Costume

Find out how to make this simple yet creative Halloween costume. Follow these directions submitted by Tracy Zundel and you can dress up as a moose.