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Topsoil Classification

Soil scientists define topsoil as the first eight inches of material that covers the earth's land surface. Rich with minerals and organic nutrients, topsoil supports plant life that is the foundation of all life. Because of its importance, science has developed several different standards and compl

How to Repair Roof and Chimney Leaks

A leaking roof or chimney can lead to all sorts of problems. If you catch the leak in time, you can usually make a simple repair. However, if the roof leaks in multiple places or the leaky spot continues to grow, you may have serious repairs to consider. If you have basic carpentry skills and aren't

How to Edge Slabs

Putting an edge onto a concrete slab is an important part of the concrete finishing process. A well-formed edge not only makes the slab appear complete, it also keeps the edge of the slab from cracking under use, forming a tripping hazard or causing damage to vehicle tires if a vehicle should pass o

What Tile Accents White Tile in a Shower?

White shower tiles are a crisp and classic design choice that complement many bathroom styles. White tiles come in a variety of sizes, from mosaic to 12 x 24-inch subway tiles. White by itself can be stark, so many white tile showers are accented by a second tile. This second tile should complement

How to Treat or Store Rose Petals for Later Use

It's indeed a shame that the breathtakingly beautiful blooming rose will soon fade and wither away. It seems that the beauty and heavenly fragrance of rose petals should rightfully be everlasting. Though preservation is impossible when the petals are left on the rose bush, you can easily treat and s

How to Cap the Open End on Crown Molding

In many homes, crown molding runs seamlessly from room to room. However, there are cases where it is necessary for crown molding to end. Whether the crown molding ends because it is butted against tile or a doorway, or because the ceiling height changes, you need some way to finish off the molding f

Home Insulation Options

No matter what part of the country you live in it is critical to have the right home insulation in place. Installing the right amount and the right type of insulation keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Good insulation also saves you money on heating and cooling costs, certa

Mobile Home Parks near Gainesville, Texas

Gainesville is a small city located in the northeast part of Texas, approximately 70 miles north of Dallas and not far from the Oklahoma state line. Although there are several parks in the immediate area that can handle RVs, Gainesville has just one mobile home community. Two more can be...

DIY: Creative Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are an opportunity to show off your personal style and creativity. When a traditional backsplash just won’t do, you can make a creative kitchen backsplash as a DIY project from unlikely materials. For example, you can make a creative backsplash by covering the wall with va

How to Prep a Wall for Tile

Tiled walls are used in many rooms of a typical house. You may have a tiled wall around your tub and shower or around your kitchen sink. You may even have a tiled wall behind your stove. The main reasons to tile a wall are keeping moisture off the walls and providing an easy-to-clean surface. Before

Closet Desk Ideas

If you work out of your house even part time, a dedicated office space in your home can help keep you organized and productive. In a smaller house or apartment, however, you may not have a room available to devote to a home office, which is where a spare closet can come in handy; you can add a desk,

How to Install Sheetrock Around a Tub and Shower

The bathroom is a wet place, and you must take this into account when building walls around tubs and showers. You should cover them with greenrock, waterproof sheetrock meant especially for use in bathrooms, and take a few extra precautions when installing it. Don't attach the rock to tub or shower

Lime Based Venetian Plaster Application Tips

Lime-based Venetian plaster is used on many historic buildings, including those in Venice.venice image by matt newton from Fotolia.comWhile most homes since the mid-20th century have been finished using gypsum drywall, older buildings were often plastered using lime. Often referred to as...

Types of House Wrap

House wraps protect a house against weather damage.house under construction image by Jana Lumley from Fotolia.comHouse wrap is a product made of paper sheet or felt that is asphalt coated to protect a house against the weather. It is also known as tar paper. It serves as a barrier to...

How Do Polar Bears Insulate Themselves?

Polar bears live in the world's coldest environments, wandering Arctic ice sheets, swimming in chilly coastal waters and hunting prey along snow-filled land areas. Polar bears typically live in extreme temperatures, but these animals adapt well. These mammals, which can weigh up to 1,600 pounds, dep

How to Patch Holes in Plastic Laminate

Plastic laminate is a popular material for kitchen counters because of its durability and low cost, but it can develop holes when used improperly. Smaller holes in plastic laminate can be repaired with a simple paste, but larger holes must be cut out of the laminate surface and replaced with an alte

How to Install Broken Tiles

Broken tiles are not always debris good only for disposal. A creative mind can put the tiles to good use, installing them to a surface to make a piece of art from the broken pieces. This process can work with any tile type, as long as the proper procedure is followed. The new tiled surface can take

How to Fix a Leaking Skylight

A skylight is a beautiful way to invite the skies into your home. Some skylights can be opened up to allow a breeze in without letting in dirt and leaves. You may find at some point that a leak develops from the region of your skylight. Water can get through the flashing that surrounds the installat

Ondura Corrugated Roof Panels Specifications

Ondura makes roofing panels for a variety of buildings.Jeremy Woodhouse/Photodisc/Getty ImagesOndura fiber/asphalt composite sheet roofing is easily adapted to many roofing jobs. Unlike traditional metal roofs, it does not rust or corrode. Ondura states that the panels are eco-friendly as...