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How to Remove Odor in a House Vent

Dealing with odors coming from heating vents can be maddening, particularly when the odor smells of rotten eggs or dead animals.You'd like to think your house is not only clean but tightly sealed against invasion from the outside. Unfortunately, though, microbes and mice often find a way into walls

How to Make a Waterproof Seal Without Using Glue

Tents, tarps, patio chair cushions and other outdoor accessories benefit from a waterproof seal. This allows the rain to run off the fabric, thus keeping your belongings or you dry. Homemade waterproof sealants do not have to contain glue or other adhesive products to be effective. Make your own wat

How to Keep Heavenly Linens White

The Westin Heavenly Bed is a comfortable, cozy bed experienced at the Westin Hotel. The Heavenly Bed includes white cotton sheets, pillows and comforter. If you have purchased the Heavenly Bed linens, you will want to keep them as white and crisp as the day you bought them. Here are the steps for ke

Brushes for Dryer Vent Cleaning

One of the most overlooked aspect of dryer performance is keeping the actual vent and duct-work exhaust clean. Everyone knows about cleaning out the lint trap, but even then small bits and pieces of lint and dust get through and are lodged along the sides of the dryer vent system. Over time, these p

How to Remove Dielectric Grease

Dielectric grease is found on electrical connections requiring weatherproofing and corrosion protection. It does not conduct electricity and therefore does not rob the connection of electrical current. When making repairs or replacements to connections, it is a good idea to add new dielectric grease

How to Remove a Smell From Leather Furniture

Bad smells tend to remain on your leather furniture much longer than stains or spills. Smells such as smoke, urine, food or vomit, can prevent you from fully enjoying your new leather furniture. Remove the smells with baking soda, which has properties that allow it to absorb and neutralize smells. B

Making Super Bubbles

A universal source of fun for children is bubbles. There are quick, easy ways to make super bubbles at home with ingredients you have readily available in your kitchen. Usually, a bubble quickly pops when it comes into contact with any surface. The difference in a super bubble is that its ingredient

Satin Floor Stain Vs. Gloss

Floor stains infuse a wood floor with color that lasts longer than paint. After staining the floor, you have the option of a glossy or satin finishing coat. Both have advantages. Base the choice on your personal preference and the room you are staining.

How to Remove Stickers From a Frame

Stickers are an inexpensive item that will provide a child with hours of entertainment. Unfortunately, the overzealous child can place stickers on unwanted surfaces such as wood frames. Removing stickers from a frame -- picture frame or door frame -- can be accomplished with the help of a few common

How to Remove Bad Mildew From Shower Grout

Mildew can ruin the appearance of your shower grout, contribute to unpleasant odors and prove very troublesome to clean. Simply rinsing the grout with water will not remove the mildew, and in fact can make the problem worse, since mildew thrives on moisture. If you want to destroy your grout mildew

How to Clean Dark Spots Off Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Unfinished hardwood floors, though lest popular than floors finished with stain and a clear coat of varnish or polyurethane, have a beautiful rustic look that can be preferable in certain settings or with a certain type of rustic decor. However, unfinished floors are much more prone to staining and

How to Clean Mold & Mildew From Inside a Canvas Pop Up Camper

Pop-up campers are a great luxury to have when you like to go camping in the wilderness but do not want to use a tent. They are compact and easy to travel with. Pop-up campers are made of strong canvas and are subject to mold and mildew, especially after it has rained and the pop-up camper was close

Water Stain Removal From Metal

Removing water stains from metal surfaces can be a fairly easy task when you incorporate the right stain-removal procedure. There is a variety of retail cleaning products on the market that clean and remove stains, and, while effective, these can be costly items that are priced too high for many bud

How to Use Thinset Mortar to Resurface Concrete

Improperly laid concrete will show its age quickly. Even properly laid concrete can crack, or become pitted because of harsh weather, settling or impacts. Once a concrete surface becomes worn or damaged, you must perform repairs to stop the damage from spreading before the concrete must be removed a

Soap Scum Removal Tips

Eliminating soap scum from the bathroom can be a formidable challenge, particularly after it has been allowed to set for a long time. If soap scum isn't immediately cleaned off of a surface, it can become almost as invincible as concrete, making removal quite difficult. As with most things, a good o

How to Fold a Bedspread to Put Into a Bag

If summer is approaching and you'd like to replace your heavy winter bedspread with a lighter version, put the cold-weather bedspread in storage. Storing the bedspread correctly will ensure that it stays fresh and in good condition for several months. Prior to storing it in a durable bag, fold it ne

How to Stop a Treadmill From Squeaking

Home treadmills are convenient and time-saving, but they do require regular maintenance; the machines often develop a persistent squeak. This irritating noise could be caused by a a worn belt, a loose part or incorrect assembly. The noise is usually caused by a minor malfunction; such as a lack of

The Thickness of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds offer an upright alternative to horizontally slatted blinds. Like their horizontal counterparts, vertical blinds come with slats in a range of thicknesses. While these slats don’t generally change the way that the blinds function, they do alter the amount of shade or light prov

How to Clean a Kid's Bouncy Castle

A kid's bouncy castle provides a safe place for children to play and have fun without risk of injury. Just like any other play area, the castle needs to be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and germs that accumulate during play. When cleaning, you want to use something safe for use on the castle surf