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Tips On How To Build A Wind Turbine

Learning how to build a wind turbine can be an excellent solution to your exorbitant utility bills. A wind powered generator is a simple and inexpensive alternative energy that can seriously save you money for years to come. The benefits of wind energy go beyond just saving money. Your decision to c

Solar Energy for Home Use - Harnessing the Power of the Sun

As fuel prices are increasing as the sources of fuel are also getting scarce, it is indeed helpful and useful to find some alternative sources of energy that can help you avoid increasing cost of power for home use. Of course, you can also help the environment by getting a renewable and environmenta

Generate My Home Energy: Get Rid of The Power Company

When I set out to generate my home energy, it was because I was tired of paying ridiculous fees to the hydro company. A fee for delivery here, a surplus for that, a tax on top of that....Their fees always seemed to be going up and I could never predict what my next bill would be to be able to set as

Enjoy the Charms of Free Power at Home

Conventional forms of producing electricity now have become so expensive that not everyone is able to afford the sky-high prices of the bills. They are hardly left with any money after they pay their utility bills or some don't even have money to even pay the bills. This is because those fossil

Freshen Up Your Home With Eco-Friendly Paints

One of the best ways to freshen up your home and give it a new, modern look is by painting and now you can choose eco-friendly paints to do the job. By using this type of paint, you not only brighten up your home but you're helping the environment in the process.

Slaying Energy Vampires in Your Home

Many of today's appliances use power even when turned off. Finding and dealing with these "energy vampires" is a quick and simple way to save on your electric bill.

Why You Should Downsize When You Retire

Discover the good sense of home downsizing. Empty-nesters, Baby Boomers, first-time homebuyers, and the eco-conscious look to downsizing as the wisest way to live.

Considering Buying Solar Panels? Read This Review Before You Do

Of all forms of alternative energy, solar energy seems best. However, the initial up front investment scares most people, and rightfully so. Is it worth it to take the plunge for a huge ROI and a huge cut to your emissions and your taxes? Of course, but it's easier said than done.

A Brief Chat About Local Foods

If you're looking for ways to eat green, try local foods. Locavores who choose locally grown foods whenever possible find a number of advantages to eating local foods. And there are many sources of local foods all around the country.

Use Only the Best Water Filters

If you want your drinking water to be safe, use only the best water filters to remove the contaminants that are harmful to your health. Many water filters use activated carbon, reverse-osmosis or ultra-violet rays to filter, clean and purify water.

The Latest Alternative Energy Source Is the Magnetic Generator

I keep on asking myself this question. With the state of affairs that our energy crisis is in means that we have to take a course of action to find an Alternative Energy source. The sign of the times means that it has to be environmentally friendly, as well as Renewable and inexpensive, Which leaves

Green Furniture - What Is It and How Do We Make It?

It is becoming more obvious every day that we currently live in an era where "going green" has become quite fashionable. Determining what is considered environmentally friendly is much like trying to describe beauty; it really comes down to what is in the eyes of the beholders. So, the con

Orchid Platform Bed - The New Modern Furniture

The Orchid Platform Bed is attracting a lot of attention because of the beautiful contemporary style fine bamboo furniture. Bamboo is harder and stronger than wood. But the best reason to buy the new kind of bamboo furniture is that it is eco friendly and totally sustainable.

Is it Possible to Find Cheap Solar Panels?

This article discusses the questions that must be asked before the construction of a solar panel can begin. The actual answer is at the end, but the reader must ask some related questions first.

Is It Worthwhile To Install Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a becoming more and more important because of global warming. Currently, the majority of our energy comes from non-renewable sources. This is a problem, because these resources are not only running out, but they also tend to emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.

An Introduction to Green Cleaning Products

If you're searching for ways to help maintain environment and live a more sustainable lifestyle, there are so many things you can consider, from eco friendly furniture all the way to using green cleaning products in your home. Search for products that have the least negative impact on the envir

Solar Power Can Juice Up Your Lawn

You don't need to dig up your lawn to power up decorative lamps and other devices far from regular power sources. Many of these products have been made to use solar power now.