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Fire Insurance -Learn it Now, Before it's too Late

There are specific articles that your homeowners insurance will cover as far as hazards go. One of the biggest and most important should be fire insurance. Every policy will cover fire damage, however, there are ...

What's a scooter?

What's in a word? Well, perhaps in this case, it's the difference between insurance cover and no cover. Let's start with the straightforward version which we might call a motor scooter. This is a two-wheeled, ...

Indiana Homeowners Insurance Regulations

Homeowners insurers in Indiana are subject to several state regulations.home 3 image by Stacey Lynn Payne from Fotolia.comHomeowners insurance companies in Indiana are subject to a number of regulations designed by the state to protect you, the customer, from insurer abuses. The state's...

Things to Know About Home Fire Insurance

When you build your dream home, you wouldn't love anything to come in the way of your happiness while living there. Accidents can occur when you least expect them. A fire can pop out of ...

Homeowners insurance facts

For most of us purchasing a home is the biggest investment to mike during the whole lifetime. And it's reasonable that such an important investment needs reasonable coverage. That's why you need homeowners insurance. What's ...

Recoverable Depreciation on Insurance Claims

You thought you bought the right kind of insurance to avoid depreciated settlements, but to your surprise you must now deal with recoverable depreciation. To understand this term and how to overcome the obstacles it poses, you must first examine the type of insurance you have, the kind of coverage i

Problems Buying a Car With an Open Title

An open car title describes a title that is signed by the listed owner, but not the purchaser. This is known as "title jumping" and is illegal in most states. Many states even require that buyers re-title a purchased vehicle within a certain number of days. Follow your state's rules when it comes to

Types of Insurance That Are Worthwhile Investments

Insurance products come in many types that provide various types of benefits. The most common type of benefit that is paid is the death benefit when a policyholder dies. One type of insurance product that provides a death benefit and can also be used as worthwhile investment is a variable annuity. A

Dog Breeds That Will Affect Your Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance policies protect the homeowner against many risks, including the owner’s liability for damages caused by injuries, including dog bites. Many insurance companies will not provide insurance for certain breeds of dogs. Others will charge increased premiums if one of th

Various Types of Insurance

There are insurance policies to protect the different things you value in life, including property.lookout image by Rick Sargeant from Fotolia.comInsurance provides protection from accidents and natural disasters, and helps assist with medical and health care costs. Different types of...

What Is Flood Insurance And Why Do I Need It?

What Is Flood Insurance And Why Do I Need It? Weather can be extremely unpredictable. No matter where you live, protecting your home with flood insurance coverage from a respected insurance agent is highly recommended. ...

Where Can I Find Home Insurance Help?

Buying home insurance, particularly for the first time, can be more challenging than you would imagine. One piece of misinformation could see your coverage rendered invalid when you come to claim, or end up costing ...

FHA Compliance

The Federal Housing Administration has insured more than 37 million home mortgages in the U.S. since inception in 1934. Borrowers must meet certain requirements established by FHA to qualify for the insurance, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Underwriters ensure complian

6 Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance Costs

The cost of homeowner's insurance coverage continues to increase. In fact, in the past few years, there has been a great increase in price that policies that cost somewhere around $325 are now two to ...

Are Water Leaks Covered in House Insurance?

Insure.com reports that water damage is a leading reason why policyholders file claims on their homeowner's insurance. Still, you have to be particularly careful of the terminology you use when describing water damage to your insurance agent. Depending on the extent of your coverage, your homeowner'

What Are the Different Types of Auto Insurance for a Rec Vehicle?

You can build your RV insurance to match how you use it.Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty ImagesRecreational vehicles are used for a variety of purposes, but frequently RV insurance is not built specifically to match how the vehicle is used and therefore inadequately protects the owner. For...