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Lye Alternatives for Soap Products

Lye is a key ingredient in soap making. Whether the sodium hydroxide form for solid bars or potassium hydroxide for liquid soap, lye causes the soap to lather when in contact with water and binds all of the soap's ingredients together. If you make soap at home with lye, it can be especially corrosiv

How to Clean a Gas Range

Gas ranges cost less than electric ranges to operate, but they require a little more care when cleaning. Improper cleaning can lead to inefficient use and higher gas bills. If food splatter blocks the holes in the burner assembly, the flame will not burn properly. Whether you need light cleaning or

How to Get Smoke Out of a House

Smoke has a heavy, stale stench that permeates surfaces in your home to leave a lingering odor long after the smoke is gone. Regardless of whether the smoke is from tobacco or your fireplace, its smell can be easily absorbed into walls, furniture, upholstery and carpeting. Though preventative method

How to Package Framed Art for Shipping

Before you ship a piece of framed art, choose the right box to accommodate it and then wrap and secure the artwork with a combination of acid-free and cushiony materials to ensure it gets to its destination intact. Whether you're moving house or sending a gift, pack artwork with the same care you wo

How to Remove Ink Pen Off of Leather

Ink pen stains on any fabric may seem impossible to remove, especially on leather goods. Cleaning leather, even without stains, requires special treatment because the material cannot tolerate long periods of wetness. For removing ink from leather, the fabric needs a stain remover that releases the i

How to Get Bad Soap Scum Off Shower Doors

Soap scum is a common problem in shower areas and when you do not clean the shower for an extended period of time the problem can become overwhelming and make your shower area look unclean and improperly cared for. To get rid of the soap scum buildup, you should use cleaning elements that safely rem

Video: How to Use Vinegar to Keep Mildew From Coming Back

Video Transcript Hi. My name's Dustin Balkcom. I'm the building manager here at the Living Light Community Center. Today, we're going to talk about using vinegar to keep mildew from coming back. So, you might have kids, you might have pets, you might be very conscious of the fact that...

How to Wash a Wallpapered Wall

Every wall in the house gets dirty eventually and you will have to find a way to wash it. A wallpapered wall is not as difficult to clean as you might think. Follow these steps and you will be able to breeze right through difficult stains on your wallpaper.

How to Organize a Sewing Room

Knowing how to sew is a great skill that comes in handy around the house. Being able to design and make your own bed linens, slipcovers and draperies opens up color choices and styles that aren't available in their pre-made counterparts. But it's frustrating trying to be creative if you can't find a

How to Remove Permanent Marker Quickly

Permanent marker ink is designed to be just that -- permanent. However, there are times when you want to remove the ink from certain surfaces. For example, small children sometimes draw on walls, woodwork, furniture and other items with permanent marker before you can stop them. In these cases, ther

Kenmore Sewing Machine Bobbin Instructions

Being able to sew anything from clothes to quilts can be a useful skill in the home, and sewing is made faster with a sewing machine. A sturdy yet affordable machine, such as a Kenmore, can last for years. However, the best machine in the world won't be useful unless you know how to load the bobbin

How to Use Baby Wipes for Other Purposes

Baby wipes are terrific for freshening up babies. Surprisingly, baby wipes can be used for many other purposes in addition to cleaning the many messes of babies. They are moist, convenient, disposable and just about the right size for a variety of "other" uses.

Differences Between Firm & Soft Mattresses

In our quest to enjoy our precious hours of sleep each night, we search for the ideal mattress. Some enjoy firm support, while others want to sink deep into a soft pillowtop while they catch their "zzzs." Whichever way you prefer to hit the hay, it's important to know the key differences between the

How to Organize Your Paperwork

If paper clutter is a problem in your house, you aren't alone. Despite predictions of a paperless society, we haven't gotten to that point yet. In a short time, paperwork can accumulate and become a major inconvenience. If you don't pay your bills because you don't see them or unsuccessfully seek a

How to Clean Brass Headboards

A brass headboard adds an attractive touch to your bedroom set, but when the brass is dirty and covered with residue it instead becomes an eyesore. To keep the brass looking its best, incorporate a cleaning routine that safely removes buildup as it accumulates. You can use inexpensive items you alre

How to Reduce Indoor Dust

Indoor house dust is a mixture of skin particles, insect parts, dander, bacteria, pollen and dust mites. Since you don't want to expose your family to a large amount of dust, you should attempt to reduce the amount when you clean.

How to Clean Pet Hair Out of Heating Ducts

Though the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has not been able to prove that cleaning heating ducts improves air quality, it does suggest cleaning the ducts as needed. If your heating ducts are so filled with pet hair that the hair blows out over the room when the heat is on, it's time to clean o

How to Clean and Polish Bronze

Almost everyone has bronze d¨¦cor pieces in their home. These metal artifacts may have looked shiny and new when you bought them, but the longer they are exposed to air and moisture, the greener and duller they become. Bronze reacts with moisture (oxidation) to form a greenish layer on its surface,

How to Clean Cigarette Smoke Smell From Your Home

Cigarette smoke has a way of lingering in the area for a long time. The smell is offensive, especially to those who don't smoke. Smoking indoors traps the smell in and can't always just be aired out, as it can cling to walls and furniture, and air fresheners can only cover it up for so long. If you

How to Clean Gunk Off of a Pancake Griddle

Pancake griddles are great for cooking pancakes, French toast, grilled cheese sandwiches and a myriad of other foods. But stubborn grease and burnt food can get stuck on the pancake griddle and remain there, even after you've soak it. There are several ways to remove the food residue, including aggr