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3 Above Ground Pool Deck Accessories That Can Enhance Your Home

Having an above ground pool can bring lots of joy to your family. That happiness can be enhanced with suitable accessories for your above ground pool decks. Here are the best 3 accessories for above ground pool decks that will enhance your experience.

HO lighting

A definition of the aquarium term HO lighting.

How to Keep Nut Grass From Ruining Your Pool Liner

If you have a pool, you already know that it is already high maintenance. From monitoring chlorine levels to pH levels, maintaining a pool can almost feel like a chore at times. Add in the problem of nut grass growing through your pool liner and it almost feels not worth it to own a pool. However

How to Clean an Inground Pool With a Vinyl Liner

Certain care must be taken when cleaning a pool with a vinyl liner. The liner might seem tough, but if you do not clean it with caution, a puncture can occur. A punctured liner can destroy your pool entirely, leaving you with a large, cumbersome backyard leisure object that is very difficult to repa

Patio Water Feature Ideas

Water features in a garden or on the deck are popular decorations for the home. Water features on the deck provide a relaxing atmosphere for the homeowner or when entertaining guests. No matter what size deck, there are water features that will fit in nicely with the surroundings.

About Jacuzzis

While Jacuzzis used to be primarily at high-end hotels and health spas, more and more people are now installing them in their homes. If you want to relax your tired, aching body, few escapes are better than these hot tubs. Over the last 50 years, Jacuzzis have exploded in popularity in the United St

How to Maintain Depth on a Pond

Maintaining water levels is an important part of pond design. Summer temperatures can quickly evaporate pond water and cause the water level to drop, causing temperatures to rise and stress to aquatic plants and animals. Whether you plan to leave the pond over a vacation or simply do not want to res

Plant FAQs

Answers to questions about freshwater plants, biotopes, aquascaping, and related topics. Have a question that isn't answered here? Click on the Guide email link and submit it.

How to Use a Shop-Vac for Pond Maintenance

A standard Shop-Vac is useful as a pond cleaner when you are changing the dirty water and replacing it with fresh water. The motor of a Shop-Vac is in the head, which keeps the water in the container from coming in contact with any electrical components. This allows liquids to be suctioned into the

How to Prime a Hot Tub Pump

Hut tubs need to be primed in order to purge air. Air restricts the pump action. You can tell when a hot tub isn't primed properly because the motor operates, but no water flows to the jets. There is usually no error message on the display because the motor, pump and other parts are, in fact, workin

How to Make Concrete Fountain Molds

Concrete fountains are popular additions to gardens, decks and patios. These fountains are produced by pouring specially prepared concrete into a series of molds, which are typically made from latex rubber, silicone or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). With some patience and the right materials

Pink Satin Fish

These beautiful fabric ornaments are part of an aquatic / fish themed Christmas tree.

What You Ought to Know About Pool Spas

Whether you're a long time pool owner or planning to own one, here are things you have to know. From choosing the best type that suits you to safety management, this article is a must-read.

The Benefits Of An Above Ground Swimming Pool

When someone decides to get a swimming pool for their home, they have a very important decision to make. They must determine whether they are going to purchase an above ground or an inground pool. Although there are many people who prefer inground pools, it is important to also consider the many ben

Haunted How-To's: Home Haunt Ideas

Home haunts or yard haunts have become increasingly popular in the past decade. Die-hard do-it-yourselfers and Halloween enthusiasts often start on next Halloween's project in November, and ramp up their carpentry, design, animatronic and crafting skills in the months and weeks before turning t

How to Mix Pool Chemicals

Mixing pool chemicals is necessary to maintain the ph balance, chlorine and algae. Muriatic acid will be the only common pool chemical that you will need to mix. The rest of the pool chemicals will be directly placed into the swimming pool and mixed by the pool pump and the filter. Muriatic acid is

How Do I Make a Pond Filter System?

Ideal pond filtration is a natural biological system that, when well established, easily will maintain a dynamic balance of nutrients and oxygen. In a balanced pond, water remains clean and relatively free of algae. Plant a variety of aquatic plants, which utilize fish waste and other excess nutrien

Loft Privacy

Even though artists and designers may live in urban lofts, they still like their gardens. Artists in downtown Los Angeles' Brewery Lofts open their doors for a look inside and outside their creative dwellings.

Is it Safe to Use Clorox to Kill Algae in a Swimming Pool?

A safe swimming pool matters more than a clean pool.colorful pool toy floating in a summer pool image by Jorge Moro from Fotolia.comChlorinated Pool Shock Varies from CloroxThe substance used to adjust the chlorine levels in a swimming pool does not match the material makeup of the liquid...