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How to Transplant Hydrangeas in Western Washington

Hydrangeas thrive in the mild, damp conditions of western Washington. The most commonly cultivated variety of hydrangea is Hydrangea macrophylla. The large pompom-shaped flowers turn from blue to pink depending on the soil pH. In western Washington, the slightly acidic soil usually keeps the flowers

Wasp Nest Repellent

Wasps can build nests in inconvenient areas, including porch eaves and above doors on your home. If left undisturbed, the wasps in the nest will not be a danger to you or your family. However, if the nest is in a high traffic area, you need to take action.

Blight on Plum Trees

Plum trees (Prunus americana) are deciduous trees that yield tasty fruits. Plum trees thrive in USDA Hardiness Zones 5 though 9, making it a tree that grows well throughout most of the climates in the United States. Although generally healthy, the plum tree has been known to be damaged by fire bligh

How to Care for Impatiens Plant

A single, potted impatiens plant brings a bright spot of color into your home. If you have extremely limited outdoor garden space, the plant fits nicely in a hanging basket or a small shelf that gets a little sunshine. Native to mountains of Africa, the species name was once sultani, after the Sulta

Bradford Pear Tree and Fungus

The Bradford pear (Pyrus calleryana "Bradford") is a flowering tree that is planted across the country. It grows from 30 to 50 feet tall with a 20- to 30-foot spread and becomes covered in white flowers in the early spring. Fall color includes brownish-red to orange-red foliage. Bradford pear trees

Planting in the Pacific Northwest

Planting is different for every region of the country, let alone the world, due to specific climate conditions. Planting in the Pacific Northwest is generally limited to six months out of the year, although with planning you will find that you can enjoy fresh items from your garden almost year roun

How to Plant Chinese Dogwood From a Seed

The Chinese dogwood tree (Cornus kousa) is similar to standard dogwood varieties, but it blooms in the late spring to early summer, long after the other varieties have lost their blooms. In addition, the Chinese dogwood tree produces larger, bright red fruit in the fall months. Instead of planting C

How to Build Strawberry Bed Planter Plans

Strawberries are among the most popular small fruits to grow in the home garden, according to Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service. Homegrown strawberries taste nothing like those found in the grocery store. Their sweet, rich strawberry flavor is well-suited to fresh eating, jams, salads

What Is Wrong When Apple Trees Don't Bloom?

If an apple tree is in good health, given the proper growing environment and adequately maintained it should bloom. However, there are several factors, such as over-fertilization, pruning errors, pollination problems, biennial bearing and age, that can cause or contribute toward a complete lack of b

How to Buy & Grow Bamboo

Known as a symbol of good fortune and luck, bamboo is a popular growing project for many. It first became popular in America in the early 1970s with the introduction of giant pandas to the local zoos. Bamboo is the main staple in the panda's diet and it was soon discovered that growing bamboo is ve

Is the Ranunculus a Dicot?

The genus Rununculus includes among other species a wide range of buttercups, golden-flowered perennials that hail from parts of Europe and Asia. In the garden these cheerful plants provide a profusion of blossoms that can last, depending on the species, into late summer. Though flowering plants com

Walnut Trees & Tomato Plants

Plant tomato plants well away from your walnut trees.StockTrek/Photodisc/Getty ImagesIf you have trouble growing tomato plants but are successful with other garden vegetables, your problem could be a nearby walnut tree. The roots of walnut trees produce a substance that is toxic to some...

Do Oleander Bushes Like Acidic Soil?

The pH level of soils is a key factor in the health of the plants. An improperly balanced soil can weaken a plant's growth and make it susceptible to a number of health problems. Oleander bushes grow best in soil that has a low acid content.

Gray Spots on Petunias

Petunias (Petunia x hybrida) are perennials or annuals from the nightshade family. The low-growing plants, widely use in beds, containers and as groundcovers, are grown for their funnel-shaped flowers in shades of red, yellow, blue, purple or white. The plants bloom from spring and well into winter.

Five Types of Containers You Can Use in a Microwave

Everyone knows not to use foil-lined or metal containers in a microwave oven, because the metal creates a spark. Not everyone knows using leftover plastic tubs from butter can be dangerous or troublesome. If a container advertises it is microwave safe, it is suitable for use. If it does not, it is p

How to Choose Shrubs in the Northeast

A shrub is a woody plant of low height, having multiple stems arising from the base and lacking a single trunk, thus the distinction from trees. There are over 70 separate species of shrubs that grow in the United States. About half that number flourish in the northeastern states. Evergreen shrubs a

When Plants Wilt in the Heat, Should You Water Them?

Wilting is one of the first signs your plants show when they are water-deprived. The leaves begin to curl or become limp as they try to conserve water. Plants however, wilt for other reasons. So before you get your hose, consider a few other factors that may be causing your plants to wilt.

How to Care for Peach Trees in Washington

Peaches grow well in Washington. Especially in the eastern part of the state, the warm summer days and cool nights are ideal for peach growing. In the Pacific area, high rainfall can potentially lead to peach tree diseases, so special care should be taken to plant disease-resistant varieties. Peache

How Does Refrigeration Keep Fruit Fresh?

Root CellarsBefore refrigeration was invented, fruits and vegetables were kept in underground root cellars to keep fresh, and to extend their storage time to months, instead of just days or weeks if kept in the house where it was warm. Warmth spoils perishables fast by speeding up the...

How to Move Rose Bushes

Roses are a favorite flower of many people. Despite popular opinion, they're not that hard to grow. And they're not that hard to move or transplant, either. You can move your rose bushes to a new location in your garden by following the simple steps below. Because the branches of the roses must be c