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Electric Car Charging Stations In Ontario

Exciting new developments in the automotive world are helping to speed along the development and sale of all-electric vehicles around the world. Nissan has recently unleashed its all-electric Nissan Leaf compact car, and Chevrolet is moving forward with its elect-gas hybrid Volt sedan. For Ontario m

How to Buy a Hybrid Car for the Size

Hybrid cars, which run on gasoline and an electric battery, come in a range of sizes from compact to full-size SUVs. Hybrids generally cost 20-percent more than cars that only run on gasoline. There are two kinds of hybrids: fuel-efficient hybrids, which get 35 to 50 miles per gallon, or more perfor

1999 Ford F-350 Features

Ford's pickup trucks are among the best selling in America.pickup truck image by Tonda from Fotolia.comFord manufactures a wide variety of cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), crossovers and trucks. The F-350 truck model is part of Ford's line of super duty pickups, the production of...

How to Work a 1998 Volvo S70 Stereo

The Volvo S70 was manufactured from 1998 to 2000; the stereo remained the same during this period. The standard radio in the S70 was the SC813, featuring a cassette and CD player. It came with a 6 CD changer. The radio featured standard EQ controls such as bass, treble, balance and fader.

What is the Best Fuel Efficient Car?

There are many fuel efficient cars out there and many people have there opinions on what the best cars are. Well I got all the information from real drivers to find out what cars really are the most fuel efficient and what cars are the worst fuel efficient and why.

Golf 5 TDI 140 Vs. Golf 4 TDI 100

The compact 2004 through 2006 Golf Mk4 TDI 100 and the 2003 through 2009 Golf Mk5 TDI 140 are part of Volkswagen's popular Golf lineup that has sold 26 million units since the Golf's introduction in 1974. Originally replacing the venerable Beetle, the Golf, known as the Rabbit in the United States,

HHO Generators

HHO generator (HHO kit) is a system that helps you improve your car fuel efficiency and mileage by using nothing but water. It can save up to 50% of your monthly gasoline bills. This HHO Car system can by fit on almost every model of every brand there is and is affordable and easy to assemble even f

Why Is Diesel Fuel More Expensive Than Unleaded?

The prices of diesel fuel and gasoline share some underlying characteristics, but there are some important differences that affect the price between these two major types of fuel. Here's a quick overview of the factors affecting the prices of diesel and unleaded gasoline.

Whats The Deal With Hybrid Cars?

Many people think our global warming is caused by the emissions of the gas or diesel powered vehicles, maybe, but the hybrid cars are becoming popular no matter what the reports say. If you want to get on ride of a cleaner environment maybe a hybrid car is for you. They certainly do not look like th

The Hybrid: Sounds Like An Alien

While cars fully powered by sunlight and electricity are still works in progress, hybrid cars have emerged as an alternative to vehicles that run strictly on gasoline. Creating an ideal blend of responsibility and functionality, ...

Synthetic Automotive Products

There is a wide variety of automotive products offered that are completely synthetic. What it means to be synthetic is that the product itself is chemically engineered to last longer than its traditional counterpart, and that it performs at a higher standard when presented with extreme use. If you w

Expected Life of Prius Batteries

Raised awareness of the environment and consumers' desire to save money on energy costs have fueled the green energy movement. Hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius are growing in popularity as a result, but many people question how long the batteries last on Prius models.

How to Use SeaFoam on Motorcycles

SeaFoam is a petroleum-based motor treatment that is used extensively by automotive enthusiasts, but can also be beneficial in maintaining or restoring a motorcycle. SeaFoam is added to your motorcycle's fuel supply, preventing the gasoline from breaking down over time, while cleaning the carburetor

The BMW I8 Concept: A Luxury Hybrid

BMW is about to reach yet another milestone in its history, with the development of the I8. It is a luxury car with the practicality of a hybrid.

How to Tell If Your Car Alternator Is Bad

Most everyone has had the experience of going out in the morning to start the car, and just getting a “click.” “Click.” There are three problems that should come to mind when you hear the dreaded click. The starter or starter relay could be bad, the battery could be dead--or

Save Fuel Build Your Own Electric Car

Fuel prices are soaring at an all time high and also the levels of pollution due to the emissions of the vehicle are increasing and hence it is the time we shifted to an alternate sources that would help to reduce pollution as well as reduce our consumption of fuel....

How Can Corn Make Fuel for Cars?

The Basic ProcessFuel is derived from corn crops by breaking the starch of the corn down into simple sugars. Yeast is then added to these simple sugars and fermentation takes place, which produces ethanol, an alcohol. It is the same substance used in alcoholic beverages such as beer and...