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Canada Immigration Visas Process 2013

Canada Immigration Visa Process 2013 is a largely revised migration regulatory framework and has been enacted to address the current and future requirements of the Canadian economy. The factors that h

What Is an H2R Visa?

Acquiring a visa to enter the United States can be a complicated process. To avoid being denied, you need to choose the visa that matches your intention, your skills and your goal.

Us K1 Visa In Thailand: How To Get It The Surest Way

A K1 Visa Thailand, also known as the Thai fiancée visa, is the visa granted to a Thai fiancée engaged to an American citizen and wishing to tie the knot in the United States. However, acquiring the U

How to File for a K-1 Visa

A K-1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa that permits entry into the United States and is specifically designed for the foreign fiance(e)s of U.S. citizens. The K-1 visa provides a 90-day window of opportunity to reside in the United States prior to marriage. The visa must be sponsored by a U.S. citizen. A

How To Become A Resident In Costa Rica

What you need to know to become a resident of Costa Rica. Becoming a resident of Costa Rica is a simple, straight-forward process, one that involves different requirements depending on whether you are a retiree living on pension or drawing funds from investment income, setting up a business, or seek

Knowledge about US Immigration and USA Work Permit

US green card office will help to take visa US immigration by removing all problem which encounters during entire visa process and one can not get visa before the clearance of all these problems. Ther

Latest Information on Immigration Laws

Laws keep changing to ensure that the legalities of the state are maintained. The same holds true with US immigration law. Even after the visa application has been approved, staying on as a permanent resident requires abiding with the current laws and procedures. Thus, hiring the services of an immi

FAQ's on the Diversity Visa Lottery

The annual diversity visa lottery program gives permanent residence visas to persons meeting simple, but strict, eligibility requirements. A computer will randomly select from the available applications for each geographic region.

US Immigration Regulations

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services process thousands of immigration petitions each year. Applicants can follow different approaches to obtain status as a Lawful Permanent Resident ("green card holder"). Examples include family-based or employer-sponsored petitions. After applicants become

How to Report Illegal Aliens and Still Be Politically Correct

Illegal aliens is a term that most Americans use, but many prefer not to because of how it sounds. Frequently, when talking about illegal aliens people will say, "I hate that term." Well, there are several acceptable ways to discuss people who are in the U.S. illegally. Also, many illegal

Atlanta h1b Visas

The Atlanta h1b visa is the fastest route to get a visa.

Agents In Mumbai For Confirmed Canadian Visa

Abhinav are the most acknowledged Agents In Mumbai For Confirmed Canadian Visa. We have a vast experience and expertise to handle all kinds of immigration routes to this prolific destination. Remember

What Happens After I Apply for a K1 Visa?

The K-1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa used to allow foreign citizens the opportunity to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage to a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, who is considered the sponsor or petitioner. Once in the United States, the foreign fiancé(e) must marry the

How to Get a Green Card in Maryland

Obtaining a U.S. green card for permanent residency requires the same legal hurdles whether it is in Maryland or in any other state. It is a challenging process that can come to fruition with help from family, by seeking asylum or through one's job. For those working or studying in America, seeking

Canada Citizenship Test - Do it Yourself Methods For Acing the Test

Would you like to ace the Canadian Citizenship Test? You can use this very simple do it yourself method to help you pass the test with ease. This method of study takes away all the guess work and guarantee a pass. Give it a try and you will take the oath.

Sponsorship Immigration

Immigrants who are going to use this program it is necessary to have a close relative in Canada. It should be close relatives of citizens (Sytyzn) or permanent residents of the country. On Canadian im