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Insurance Portability & Accountability Act

By the late 1990s, health insurance rules regarding pre-existing conditions held many Americans with health problems in jobs they wanted to leave. In response, Congress enacted an important step for giving workers more rights in regard to their employer-provided health care plans in 1996. That law w

Can I Write Off Health Insurance I Paid for My Daughter?

If you pay out-of-pocket expenses for medical or dental care, you may be able to claim a tax deduction for some of these costs. Your ability to do so is based on the type of expenses you pay, the amount of expenses you're responsible for and your adjusted gross income. IRS Publication 502 provides s

How to Claim Accident Injuries

Accident injuries should be taken seriously, and you need to keep accurate injury and medical records of the event including the most miniscule details. There are a number of ways to collect and preserve evidence that will assist you when you claim accident injuries. Most accident cases are settled

Who Is Eligible to Collect Unemployment?

Unemployment insurance is money provided to workers who lose their jobs for a certain amount of time or until they return to working status by finding another job. Established through federal law, this money is made available through state-operated unemployment insurance programs. Eligibility for un

Personal Injury Insurance Information

The goal of a personal injury lawsuit is to recover money damages from somebody responsible for causing the injury. Most of the time, this involves an insurance company who is on the hook for the negligence of one of its insured policyholders. There are many different types of insurance that could p

Is an Employer Required to Carry Workman's Comp Insurance?

Forty-nine states and the District of Columbia require employers to carry workers' compensation insurance, sometimes called workman's compensation insurance. Texas is the only exception. Most businesses buy a policy from an insurance company or broker. Some large companies are allowed to be self-ins

Ohio Statute of Limitation for Auto Claims

If you ever need to file an auto claim in Ohio, you might want to pay close attention to the calendar. That's because the state follows a statute of limitations, which sets a time period of how long you have before you must bring your claim. After that period has expired, a court must dismiss those

Health Insurance Commission Act

The Health Insurance Commission Act of 1973 began the era of universal health care in Australia. Specifically, the act created a commission to oversee the Australian version of Medicare, a health-entitlement program designed to cover basic health services for Australians.

New Jersey Unfair Insurance Practices Act

The state of New Jersey enacted an unfair insurance practices law, technically and officially known as the New Jersey Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act. The law is designed to provide consumers protections against unfair, fraudulent or deceptive claims settlement practices. The legislation appl

Liability Prevention Tips

Loss prevention specialists warn that many public and private properties are crawling with potential liabilities. Slippery floors, dimly lit areas and broken locks contribute to the billions of dollars paid in civil judgments every year to employees, customers and tenants. Mitigating these risks sta

Why Would a Neurologist Refuse to See an Accident Victim?

Unlike emergency room doctors, specialists such as neurologists have an opportunity to screen their clients. While an accident victim's eyebrows may raise when a specialist will not treat him, there exists a multitude of explanations for the refusal.

Penalties of Medical Insurance Fraud

Patients can commit medical insurance fraud by falsifying an illness.Patient image by Angelika Bentin from Fotolia.comMedical insurance fraud is defined as an attempt to deceive an insurance company in order to receive a benefit. Medical insurance fraud occurs in a variety of...

New Orleans Auto Inspection Stations

a car in a car show image by Gary from Fotolia.comIn order to have a vehicle inspected in New Orleans, you must have a current registration and license plates. You must also be able to show proof of active liability insurance. The cost for inspection, as of March 2010, is $20 for a car or...

Life Insurance: Beneficiary & Divorce & Sudden Death

Life insurance comes in many shapes and forms, but there are always three things in common no matter the policy: the owner of the policy, the insured, and the beneficiary. The owner is the person who actually contracts with the insurance company, and pays for the policy. Often, the owner is also the

Reduced-Work-Week Unemployment Insurance in Delaware

In Delaware, the Division of Unemployment Insurance within the Delaware Department of Labor is responsible for administering the unemployment insurance benefits pursuant to Title 19 of the Delaware Code. The Delaware Unemployment Compensation Law establishes the rights that applicants have when fili

How to Find Out if a Person had a Lost Life Insurance Policy

Many people write wills and take out life insurance policies to help loved ones after they have passed. Unfortunately, many of those same people neglect to tell family and friends where the insurance policy is located, or whether they had a life insurance policy at all and sometimes the life insuran

Unemployment Insurance Policy

U.S. unemployment insurance is a social insurance system supported by the federal and state governments and managed mainly by the states. However, the Department of Labor oversees the entire system. The program's initial goal is to replace part of laid-off workers' wages on a temporary basis. In add

Mississippi Auto Insurance Liability Laws

Learn the Mississippi laws for auto insurance liability.yellow car, a honda japanese sport car model image by alma_sacra from Fotolia.comAuto insurance is required by law in many states. The purpose of auto insurance is to provide protection and financial compensation to repair the...

The Workplace Safety & Insurance Act

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act is an Ontario law that establishes a no-fault insurance system for illnesses and injuries that are work related. The Act covers many, but not all, of the workplaces that exist in Ontario. The purpose of the law is to promote health and safety, as well as to red

What Kind of Settlement Can I Expect for a Noninjury Auto Accident?

In a personal injury action, plaintiffs file for special damages, general damages and punitive damages. General damages are those which are nonquantitative in nature and generally regard pain and suffering, loss of consortium and mental anguish. In addition, plaintiffs can also sue for punitive dama